01/02/2013 Update

Kyle here! No large article this week, I had finals earlier last week and was at PAX Prime Friday to 6:30 today. Just got home and thought I’d leave a little update so you guys wouldn’t be left hanging.

PAX was pretty sweet, one of the more disappointing years I will say though. The highlight of my week was the Kirby 64 mini games tournament which ended up being simply epic! Finished tied for 3rd with Matt out of roughly 30-40 people. It was loads of fun and more competitive than you’d think!

There was a couple small Yugioh tournaments their, entered one which was advanced format with the new list. 9 people entered, all of which where pretty notable players. Justen ended up winning and getting a whole bunch of stuff. For a 5 dollar entry he won 3 Astral Pack 1, 1 Blaster Tin and 1 really nice mat with Yuma on it, a lot better prize support than I’m used to seeing. I learned my current Dragonsworn build lacked the amount of DARK monsters to properly run Lightpulsar and Darkflare so I’ll need to edit that up a little. I also completely failed in my final game by completely forgetting I had a Big Eye in my extra deck because I haven’t really had it until now because I got it from Joe. 2 times in a row I made a Master of Blades hoping to draw Lance so I could kill my opponent’s Star Eater when I could’ve just took it with Big Eye and won. What a fool! I’ll never misplay with Big Eye again at least.

Podcast-wise we should be recording a new one this week. We obviously didn’t have time with PAX and all. We’ll likely talk about the recent YCS Toronto results as well as the future meta for the remaining few months. See you guys around!

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