10 Least Favorite Cards

I had a lot of fun with the 10 favorite cards thing, so I thought, “why not just do the opposite?” So I decided to make an article about my ten least favorite cards. These aren’t exactly all bound by the same principles or any particular order as well. So ya, let’s get on with it.

PhotobucketI’ll start off with a newer card that has recently irked me and you probably know from the podcast that I hate this card. Wind-Up Rabbit to me really just breaks the unwritten rules of Yugioh. Its effect is nearly un-negatable, it might as well have the effect: this card is unaffected by effects and cannot be destroyed by battle, plus it can do other cool stuff too. I don’t think anybody would think a card with that effect is fair, and for some reason they all let Wind-Up Rabbit slide. It also has probably the perfect attacking stat to get a meaty chunk of damage in by only using this card. I expect to see this card popping up in the future in more non-Wind-Up decks because it’s just so powerful alone and so versatile. Wilson Tsang gave us a preview of this card’s power with his Wind-Up beast deck at YCS Long Beach, I will not be surprised to see this play style perfected in the near future.

PhotobucketIf I had to put an order to these, by far this card would be my number 1 in terms of least favorite. I just freakin’ hate this card, it sucks. Of all the cards that are completely useless to have in your hand this is probably my least favorite to have and given my luck it happens about half the games I have this card in my deck; a close runner up would be Murmillo, his slightly better but also quite hated by me brother. While his effect may be amazing when pulled off, the conditions and stipulations it puts on itself require wildly inconsistent situations that are honestly just better to ignore. In order to improve the consistency of any Gladiator Beast deck I will always suggest cutting Secutor, even if that one time it went off it was amazing, the other 95% of the time it makes my deck poopy.

Unfortunately that’s not where this cards awfulness ends. To top it off this card has pretty much unusable stats all around combined with a useless type and attribute. Clocking in at a measly 400 attack and 300 defense, this card really can’t deal with anything. Not to mention Reptiles are almost useless much like the Wind attribute. Top this all off with the inability to tag out like all the other Gladiator Beast monsters and what we have here is a big ‘ol ball of not gettin’ much done.

PhotobucketThis card is a little odd for me. Thunder King Rai-oh is an amazing card, and I myself run it. Why do I dislike this card so much? Maybe because it’s just way too good. I also feel it kind of undermines essential parts of the Yugioh game because of the way the card is created. By getting on the field at all it aggressively simplifies the opponents game state in so many ways it’s almost unfair. 2 of the most important parts of Yugioh: Searching your deck and Special Summoning monsters; both of which are cut off by Thunder King. Also, given it is at the pinnacle of the attack barrier by being 1900 it also cuts off nearly any kinds of attacking as well. This leaves the opponent with really polarizing options and I just don’t like that. On the other hand I’m still going to run it because it’s broke.

One thing I always think about when it comes to T-King is if this card had 1800 attack, maybe even 1850, this card wouldn’t even come close to being as good as it is. This card is just stacked in way to many ways for just one card, I really feel they should’ve separated its effects into 2 different cards: one that negates summons and one that stops searching.

PhotobucketTragoedia is just one of those cards I can’t run. I have never been able to use this card successfully in any deck even if it seems like the perfect fit. On top of that, it’s an extremely aggravating card to play against when played correctly. I don’t know what else to say other than that if a good Trag is dropped on me I’m not happy about it.

PhotobucketA little change of pace with this one, unlike the aforementioned cards I disliked for being good, I dislike this one for just being so darn bad. This card has absolutely no purpose, it’s completely outclassed by the other Monarchs and even if they didn’t exist I probably wouldn’t run this card anyways because its effect is so weak. Also, he doesn’t look nearly as cool as all the other Monarch cards, but that’s just my opinion.

PhotobucketIs there just a card that when your opponent plays it you just want to scoop up and move on, the duel’s not worth it anymore? Gateway of the Six is that card to me. I just do not want to play anybody after they play this card. I think it is just the stupidest thing ever. I really dislike when cards are made and considered “fair” or “reasonable” just because only a specific archetype can use them. I could really care less if only one deck can run an infinite copy of RotA, what I care about is that this card exists at all and that it’s totally unfair.

PhotobucketMystical Shine Ball. I can and will draw 2 copies of this card opening hand. ‘Nuf said.

PhotobucketI really really dislike Morphing Jar. This card supplies an unprecedented amount of advantage to a player and is also the father to one of the majorly hated decks ever: Empty Jar. Konami should just do us all a favor and ban this card. And who really liked loosing games to a topped decked Morphing Jar anyways?

PhotobucketI have a love hate relationship with this card. Similar to T-king this card is totally bogus but is so good that you can’t not run it. The reason I dislike this card is very similar to T-king in that I feel it undermines the basics of the game. This is one of the only cards in the game that facilitates re-use of cards and on top of that it rewards you for doing so. This card alone really throws the idea of a banlist into shambles since it doesn’t really matter if cards are limited to one when there are cards like Pot of Avarice floating around allowing you to use them more than once. I feel it really defeats the purpose of such things as the limiting of any Synchro/XYZ/Fusion since you might as well be running 2 if you’re also running Pot of Avarice. The second reason I don’t like this card is because this card literally puts the player who draws it at an advantage just for being lucky and drawing a card. To me it’s just a better version of Pot of Greed.

In the past times 5 monsters wasn’t so much, but now it might as well be a joke of a condition since almost any deck can fulfill it bar some weird stuff like Heroes that are barely running more than 5 monsters to begin with and even that deck can pull off this card if they set out to do so. Also, since it’s a normal spell it gives an instant draw, which doubles on its ability to reward over extending, something that in my opinion deserve punishing rather than reward.

PhotobucketWulf might as well be the Antithesis of my play style. He’s all about everything that I’m not. He the supporter of all that is random advantage. While he’s great if he goes off he simultaneously is awful we he does not. To me Wulf is the model of inconsistency and I just can’t mesh with that. I’m all about clear concise and earned victory, while dropping random Wulfs on the opponent might as well just be dumb luck at its core. I don’t really like the idea of stuff like this in competitive games. (no offense Matt, because I know you love Wulf)

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