5 Deck Lists of Interest

The format has taken a drastic turn with the new ban list and it’s kind of hard to see what’s going to be good. Here’s 5 quick deck lists for some ideas I had.

‘Sup, it’s me Kyle, and wow that ban list is really something isn’t it!? I know a lot of people are probably thinking this is going to be a really slow format because Heavy Storm is gone, but that couldn’t be further from the truth in my opinion. While the format certainly will be slower than the breakneck pace brought about by Dragons and Prophecy, don’t expect it to get all that slow. We still have loads of ways to deal with back row and lots of super quick decks in waiting for the ban list to drop. With that here’s 5 decks that I’ve been thinking about going into next format. Basically just decks I think sound interesting to me and that will likely be the topic of some of my future articles. I’ll post a picture of a preliminary list, meaning it’s mostly a theory deck list, and give some comments:

1. Chaos Dragons/Lightsworns:

 photo LSRuler02_zpsefb3c64e.jpg

We already all knew I was running Lightsworn variants up until now, but I’m pretty excited about the deck going into next format because it looks to be an even stronger contender in the future especially with the general speed of most decks going down. This build is a lot different in how it plays compared to my original builds and tries to cater to a lot of new ideas and possible changes in the format.

Ryko and Lyla are maxed out as well as Forbidden Lance. I expect that mini engine to be a real problem for a lot of decks that try to set a lot, and a really powerful advantage for myself. I also changed the Lightsworn count because I was tired of all the Lightsworns that did nothing, so I maxed Lumina, Lyla and Ryko; the only Lightsworns with effects that do anything, and then I kept Jain and Ehrin for their names and because they’re the only others of value that mill during the End Phase. You get less bad hands this way, but Judgment Dragon isn’t nearly as easy but still is consistent. I also lowered the number of Judgment Dragons to help out my bad hands as well as the number of Eclipse Wyverns because he’s easier to access with Darkflare Dragon.

The baby Dragon Rulers are banned which really removes the possibility of me getting any big Dragon Ruler discarding effects from the hand other than Redox, which means I should choose the Dragon Ruler I run simply by how high its attack is, giving me Blaster. Redox is the next best because he can pitch Card Trooper and Maxx “C” for his effect and also can banish in grave Maxx “C”s. Which sound irrelevant, but now that my Lightsworn count is lower, my double Lumina, into Level 4 Lightsworn, into Leviair play, into Eclipse is less consistent since there’s only 5 Level 4 Lightsworns. Now I can do 2 Lumina into Ryko and Leviair a Maxx “C” to make Herald of Pure Light, which recurs my Judgment Dragons and any other good card like Lumina for example.

I added in Chaos Dragons simply because Darkflare Dragon is the most amazing card in combination with Dragon Rulers. It’s literally insane. Darkflare can pitch a Dragon Ruler from hand to send an Eclipse from deck to grave and then Banish an opponent’s graveyard card or one of your Eclipse Wyverns or Dragon Rulers in grave! What!? It makes setting up Eclipse and Dragon Rulers super easy and efficient. It also obviously works with Lightpulsar who I added to combo with the new REDMD and because I can use it to discard Necro Gardnas and Lightsworns to more effectively manipulate your graveyard for incoming Judgment Dragons. It also does the famous looping which is still hard to break and is a floater that I don’t mind destroying with my Judgment Dragon because that make OTKs easier.

2. Dragon Ruler Mash:

 photo DRuler01_zps727a4179.jpg

I think this idea is hilarious, but it seems super awesome on paper! It uses the idea I had about using Darkflare Dragon with Dragon Rulers except to the maximum extent. The deck list is a little iffy right now, so I can’t say the list above will list simply work from the onset, but as I said the Theory-oh is sound, it’ll probably be tweaked in the future. The basic crux of the deck is the Darkflare with Eclipse Wyvern play. Eclipse Wyvern can search REDMD, Light and Darkness Dragon and Dark Armed Dragon all of which are champions.

The basic monster engine that gets the ball rolling is strange: Dimensional Alchemist, Card Trooper and Witch of the Black Rose. The only other monsters you’ll likely Normal Summon in the deck are Effect Veiler, Eclipse Wyvern and Debris Dragon, which you’d only summon after you’ve setup a bit.

Dimensional Alchemist gives you all the chaos looping of your dreams. You of course have the Chaos Sorcerer and the Black Luster Soldier to go with him to do chaos loops, but you also have 3 Lightpulsar and 3 Darkflare Dragon as well. Also, with the Dragon Ruler monsters, every single card in you deck can be banished and tool boxed back using Dimensional Alchemist since you can banish LIGHT and DARK monsters using Chaos Monsters and all the elements with Dragon Rulers. Also, since this is a monster mash deck, you’ll always hit a monster when you activate Dimensional Alchemist’s banishing effect, which is pretty sweet. On top of that you may hit a Dragon Ruler with that effect and get a plus 1 for no reason. Gotta love that free search.

Card Trooper is pretty stupid. Mill a bunch of Dragon Rulers/Chaos Food/Dragon Ruler Food, pretty much every card is fair game for being helpful in this deck’s graveyard. It gets the nice bonus draw effect as well as is an EARTH monster for Redox’s monster reborn effect, which is very handy considering you don’t actually run Spells and Traps. I’ve thought about adding in Gallis the Star Beast too simply because he’s EARTH and also because Leviair to revive Dimensional Alchemist would be nice. A Gallis, Card Trooper, Crane Crane mini engine wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’ll probably test that idea out by dropping Tidal and Tempest for Crane Cranes and Gallises.

The reason why I’m running no Spells and Traps is Witch of the Black Rose. Normally as I’ve said in the past I hate this card, but now it has a purpose in life because it’s a Level 4 Tuner. You can use it and any Dragon Ruler to make Star Eater potentially at a plus 1 ratio if the Dragon Ruler comes from the graveyard. For those who don’t know Witch’s effect, when Witch is normal summoned while you control no other cards you draw 1 card and then if it’s not a monster destroy Witch. Since we run no Spells or Traps its effect simply allows us to draw, which is a nice advantage engine. This makes the deck gain all around advantage with all the Normal Summon monsters.

I really hope this deck works.

3. Heraldic Rulers:

 photo HeRulers_zpsb351116a.jpg

Ya ya, another Dragon Ruler deck idea. “But I thought Dragon Rulers where dead?” Shush, no they’re not. Tidal, Tempest and Redox all have amazing synergy with Heraldic Beasts so it only makes sense to combine the two decks together. I wrote on this idea a while back in an article but was re-invigorated by the format change to design a build, which is why it’s here now.

The biggest reason for why I thought up this deck is because of the monster Queen Dragun Djinn. It makes making Rank 7 XYZ about 10 times easier than it would’ve been without the baby Dragon Rulers making this deck possibly the premier in Rank 7 XYZ for next format. Nicely enough, Heraldic Beasts really want to summon a way to summon Master of Blades and are probably the best deck for summoning free Queen Dragun Djinns making this a perfect match.

Basic idea: Dragon Ruler shenanigans as general plays. Tidal can double pitch itself to send Leo to the graveyard to get the deck going and is also a beater. Tempest is probably the best Dragon Ruler for the deck, it can search other Dragon Rulers as well as Aberconway with both of its effects. Gold Sarc into Tempest to search Aberconway is probably my favorite play. You can use Aberconway to juggle copies of Leo back from the graveyard to use for Redox’s effect if need be, plus discarding Leo for Redox’s effect goes even in advantage which says a lot. Blaster is just there to be a meat head. Make Rank 7 XYZ, specifically Master of Blades who doubles as a control card using copies of Lance and Book of Moon to set off his effect so you can destroy cards.

Their’s also the Heraldic Beast portion of the deck. This makes it so you don’t face plant against Ophion. In fact Genom Heritage actually murders Ophion in his sleep, so this potentially will have a good match-up versus Evilswarms despite all the high level monsters. Heraldic Beasts practically search all of themselves instantly if you have a good setup, which sets up a bunch of really strong Rank 4 XYZ plays using Heraldry Reborn (which is a lot better with Monster Reborn banned), Advanced Heraldry Art and the ridiculously good D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation. I figured also since you’d be banishing so much that a copy of Burial From the Different Dimension was warranted.

Combine the two engines together and we have more consistent searching, Rank 7 XYZ along with 1 card Queen Dragun Djinn and revivable copies of Master of Blades using Heraldic Beast Unicorn. The deck seems so legit to me.

4. Ninjas:

 photo HeraldicNinja_zpse939dd27.jpg

People are setting cards again, that means it’s time to bring back my dearly beloved Red Dragon Ninja, the bane of all decks that set too many cards. This is a small departure from the original deck list, that I don’t recall whether or not I posted. The main difference now between it and the old variant is the addition of the 3rd Destiny HERO – Malicious and the minimizing of the Heraldic Beast Engine to only 3 Aberconway instead of 3 Aberconway, 1 Leo, 1 Unicorn and 3 Advanced Heraldry Art.

The deck is now more focused on Red Dragon Ninja plays and Ninja control. The Malicious makes Rank 6 XYZ incredibly consistent (although it was pretty consistent with 2) and allows you to make a lot of control plays using M7. In addition, the Malicious plus D.D.R. plays that I made on occasion out of desperation are actually a good idea this time around because 3 Malicious exists, meaning I can do a Rank 6 play using only Mali and D.D.R. and then still have a Mali left over. Also, 3 Malicious allows me to run Allure of Darkness since I can now banish the Malicious without fear and even once again revive it with D.D.R.

I feel that this deck is kind of complex and I don’t really want to explain how it all works in great detail, but I’ll try to give a short rundown if possible. The deck is built on a rule that each play the deck has built in it must always have at least 1 alternate but equally good option to be chosen from. The point of that was to allow the deck to be highly complex, but due to this, versatile in its approach to each situation since it’s not bound by specific plays. When looking directly at the deck list it’s not very evident what the purpose of the deck is and how it’s achieved, and I’ll say the deck doesn’t really have a clear purpose other than being a control deck. It’s not moving towards any end goal, it’s only moving when the opponent tries to perform an action and this Ninja deck tries to keep the opponent from making optimal plays. In general this is done by juggling the copies of Red Dragon Ninja without losing advantage to keep the opponent a couple turns behind at all times so you can always predict their next move and respond accordingly until hopefully you’ve cleaned out their lifepoints.

The most important Extra Deck monsters are probably first Lavalval Chain, then M7 and Strike Bounzer, and then Maestroke. The rest are their to just be a toolbox for when they’re needed. It’s better than you probably think and works more effectively than it looks it would. The Rank 6 formula it uses is wonky and not normal so it takes getting used to. It’s also a difficult deck to master so you’ve been warned!

5. T.G. Agents:

 photo TGAgent_zps766bb42e.jpg

My last deck list is kinda boring, but I like Agents ’cause I ran them in the past. Just a standard archetype deck built in the way I’d run it. This is an Agent deck list I’d like to try out, and a fair warning I have put zero testing into this current build so it’s likely to not be optimal. I tried to utilize all the most interesting ideas I had for Agents with the new format and new cards and this is what I surmised.

It’s got the basic Agent engine: 3 Earth, 3 Venus, 3 Shine Ball, 3 Hyperion and a 1 tech Jupiter. I don’t really like Jupiter a whole lot, but I put it in because I wanted to test it with a card I think has interesting value in Agents: Transmodify. Transmodify sends a monster you control to the graveyard to special summon a monster of the same type and attribute but 1 Level higher from your deck. This can turn Earth, Shine Ball and Herald of Orange Light into a Venus, which ideally will makes the deck more consistent and “faster” since you’ll open with Venus into a Rank 2 XYZ more often which if you know Agents, sets up the entire deck perfectly. Transmodify also makes your Venus plays a little more interesting because you use the Shine balls you get from the Venus with Transmodify to get another Venus and make a Rank 3 XYZ. This is the reason I teched in 1 copy of Jupiter because I wanted to test whether or not it was worth using Transmodify on Venus to Jupiter or Honest at all.

I also have some other tech for Transmodify. Traditionally, Ancient Sacred Wyvern is bad in Agents because you pay life points with Venus kind of defeating Wyvern’s purpose, but now it has a different purpose. You can use Transmodify on Wyvern to summon a Master Hyperion or Archlord Kristya from the deck because Ancient Sacred Wyvern is a Level 7 LIGHT Fairy, which is fantastic. This also works with Vylon Delta, who may be a better choice simply because Delta can be summoned using a T.G. Striker as material, making Striker + Venus + Transmodify a pretty interesting play. I also thought about running random copies of cards to bring out with Transmodify on my other monsters and the best thing I could think of was a random Phantom of Chaos summoned off of a Tragoedia treating itself as Level 3, which is kinda sacky so I didn’t like it. Their’s also Pitch Black Warwolf using T.G. Warwolf which is neat at best.

Of course I run the T.G. mini engine which complements the Agents quite well. I thought of adding the 1 Genex Ally Birdman you’re allowed because it has some interesting facets to it, but we’ll see after more testing.

The defensive line-up is quite special I think. I tried to use the new tool we got with Scapegoats with the deck. I figured it gives you a lot of Level versatility for Synchro summoning as well as a solid defense. It also supports to copies of Enemy Controller that already worked quite well in the deck but now work even better. Goats may end up being a liability though because they take up so much field space. Once again, we’ll see. Then we’ve also got what I consider to be next format’s standard line-up for offensive Spells for a non trap using deck: 2 MST and 3 Forbidden Lance. Lance + Hyperion is what you always want to see.

The only relevant new Extra Deck monster I think Agents get is Herald of Pure Light. It’s interesting with some Venus plays, it allows you to recycle your Earth’s for advantage, shuffle Shine Balls back into the deck and also recur hand traps to stop the opponent. It’s also a Fairy for Kristya and Hyperion. Is it worth it? I dunno yet. I also thought of some strange 3 card combos using Venus + Birdman and any 1 other combo card such as Striker, Warwolf or Transmodify that allows you to re-use Birdman or Leviair back Birdman with the use of Pure Light, I don’t know if they’re any good though. Let the testing commence!

QOTW: Question of the Week?

What do you think of the new Archfiend support cards? I’ve seen quite a few very interesting builds using the new cards and I really like how versatile they allowed to players to be with them. I’ve seen really basic stun decks that slow roll you with monster advantage and Pandemonium. I’ve seen swarm builds using the new Palabyrinth and Battle Fader and Shapesister, which I’m not too fond of. And lastly I’ve seen this crazy build that uses Kagetokage, Armageddon Knight and Stygian Street Patrol to go Rank 4 HAM and summons Key Beetles and Lavalval Chains and just amasses advantage. It uses Trance Archfiend as a floater and way to pitch Stygian Street Patrol and Heiress among other things. Pretty wild! So ya, what do you think about it?

Written by: Kyle

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