A HERO in a Bottle.

 photo MessageinaBottle_zps192b9ac1.png‘Sup everybody? Back again with some more HERO propaganda using Neos and a new card Message in a Bottle.

On the 100th Epi-show I talk briefly about this idea. With the amount of new support and some strange ideas as well, it has become possibly a good idea to run a deck that runs the original Elemental HERO Neos. (not the Gemini monster Neos Alius, whom most associate with the name “Neos” nowadays) For all those unaware who Neos is, he’s a Level 7 Normal Monster with 2500 ATK and 2000 DEF. (As a fun little note, the protagonist of each of the Yugioh series has an ace monster with those same stats. In the original series the Dark Magician, then Jaden’s Elemental HERO Neos, then Yusei’s Stardust Dragon and finally Yuma’s No. 39: Utopia. Similarly the rival character has a 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF boss monster being Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Armed Dragon Lvl 10, Red Dragon Archfiend and Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. Pretty cool right?)

First order of business is the motion of this entire idea: Elemental HERO Prisma. I’ve been a huge advocate of moving towards Prisma and away from Neos Alius in more recent HERO builds simply due to the continually snowballing speed of the entire meta-game, this deck being no exception. With Prisma HERO are allowed to quickly and accurately pick at there own deck for the cards they need for each situation. With this new idea comes a new HERO engine containing 4 HERO monsters: the obvious Stratos and Prisma as well as Elemental HERO Neos and Elemental HERO Necroshade.

 photo ElementalHERONecroshade_zps34dc1394.jpg

Both Necroshade and Neos can be sent to the graveyard with Prisma, which is the reason for the addition. Necroshade is a card that has pretty much been considered to suck ever since it came out. Necroshade is Level 5 and DARK with 1600 ATK and 1800 DEF, pretty miserable stats. While in the graveyard you can apply his effect once, which allows you to Normal Summon any HERO monster from your hand without tribute once that turn. This is clearly meant to go in tandem with Neos, being a Level 7 monster allowing you to Normal Summon it if need be. It also allows you to summon another Necroshade without tribute, which is good too, but I’ll get into that later. A helpful ruling about Necroshade: if you reset him being in the graveyard ex. you Special Summon him, Banish him, or return him tot he deck or hand and then you proceed to put him back into the graveyard, you can use his effect again. This means you can re-use his effect by banishing with Miracle Fusion or Monster Reborn-ing etc.

 photo ElementalHERONeos_zps6c187bc6.jpg

Neos is rather interesting since he has a lot of support, but the main card that makes him viable for use is the card Hero Blast. Hero Blast adds any Normal HERO monster from your graveyard to your hand and then destroys a monster with equal or less attack than the monster you added. Normally this is associated with Neos Alius, who only has 1900 ATK, but Neos has a whopping 2500 which is higher than virtually everything, with the exception of inherently summoned boss monsters like Master Hyperion. In the case of Synchros and XYZ, it’s rare that one of their material has more than 2500 ATK, meaning you can prevent there summon with Hero Blast and Neos. That means the only hole to its destruction is very slim, making it a crazy spot removal card, and on top of that it adds the Neos to your hand.

What’s so great about this though is that it’s super easy to setup, simply because Prisma can send Neos to the graveyard for free. So opening a hand with Prisma and Hero Blast is an incredibly strong control hand. Worst case scenario, the opponent MSTs and you can add the Neos to your hand anyways since Hero Blast doesn’t require you to destroy a monster, making the opponent go neg one. And if Prisma survives you can send a Necroshade to the graveyard next turn in order to Normal Summon the Neos if need be, or you can simply discard Neos for a card like Raigeki Break or even Super Polymerization.

So the engine is pretty simple and boils down to what I imagine would be something like this:

  • 1 Elemental HERO Stratos
  • 3 Elemental HERO Prisma
  • 2 Elemental HERO Neos
  • 2 Elemental HERO Necroshade
  • 2 E – Emergency Call
  • 1 Reinforcements of the Army
  • 1 Super Polymerization
  • 3 Hero Blast

But this can be added to further for a couple very awesome reasons. These set of monsters allow us access to loads of power cards. So many in fact that it’s likely impossible to fit them all into the same deck. The first is the obvious Miracle Fusion. We’re running a bunch of HERO monster and Prisma is probably the fastest access to Miracle Fusion plays we’ve got in the game right now. Then we also have a Chaos factor, bringing in the possibility of both Chaos Sorcerer and Black Luster Solider -Envoy of the Beginning. Prisma and Neos are Light and Necroshade is dark, simple enough.


 photo MiracleContact_zpsad07c8d3.jpg photo ElementalHERONeosKnight_zps078e811c.jpg

Then comes a more interesting card that most people have set aside: Miracle Contact. Miracle Contact is a secret rare from Return of the Duelist. It’s a Normal Spell that returns fusion material from your hand, field or graveyard to the deck to Fusion Summon a monster that uses Elemental HERO Neos as material. Lucky for us we’re running Elemental HERO Neos and at least 1 Fusion for him so that we can send him with Prisma, making this a natural fit. The most easy Fusion to run for our scenario is Elemental HERO Neos Knight, which uses Elemental HERO Neos and any Warrior as Fusion Material. Who would’ve thought, but we’re running a bunch of warrior monsters too! Neos Knight has 2500 ATK and gains attack equal to half the attack of the warrior Fusion Material. So worst case scenario you send Neos and Necroshade in your graveyard back to the deck to summon a 3300 ATK monster!! Neos Knight can also attack twice, which is even more crazy. The only downside though is he never inflicts battle damage, but he’s sure a behemoth in the battle phase. (Since Neos Knight doesn’t get properly summoned with Miracle Contact, he doesn’t get his attack boosting effect since he didn’t technically use Fusion Material to be summoned) What’s also nice about it is you really only need to run 2 copies of it since you can return the first copy you summoned back to the extra deck in order to summon the second.

While still on Miracle Contact, this also brings up a couple other interesting Fusion Monsters and there materials. Prisma can also send to the graveyard the Neo Spacian monsters, like Neo Spacian Grand Mole or Neo Spacian Air Hummingbird, both of which have Fusions with Neos that can be summoned with Miracle Contact. This means it’s pretty easily possible to tech a copy of Elemental HERO Grand Neos in the extra deck so you can move around a copy of Grand Mole and even summon Grand Neos. You can also run Air Hummingbird to summon one the most devastating Fusion Monsters ever: Elemental HERO Air Neos, who gains attack equal to the amount of lifepoints you opponent has more than you. He has 2500 attack, so if you have 2500 lifepoints or less left, a direct attack from Air Neos will always result in gaming your opponent.

The last card is one of the final pieces to the puzzle, the card Message in a Bottle that came out in the recent Zexal Collection Tin 2013. Message in a Bottle is a Normal Spell that reads as follows:

Target 3 monsters with different Levels in your Graveyard; Special Summon all 3 of them. Their ATK’s become 0, also their effects are negated. If you do not Xyz Summon this turn after Summoning those 3 monsters, you lose 4000 Life Points during the End Phase. You cannot Special Summon any other monsters, except by Xyz Summon, during the turn you activate this card.

First, a couple of rulings. If any of the targets for Message in a Bottle are removed from the graveyard before it resolves none of the monsters are summoned. Also, very importantly, if you don’t special summon the 3 monsters, you wont take the 4000 damage. So if the opponent D.D. Crows one of the monsters in response to this card, none of the monsters are summon at resolution and you don’t take the 4000 in the End Phase.

For the most part it should be apparent how to use this card. Load the graveyard with Neos, Necroshade and Prisma using Prisma’s effect. This gets you 3 different leveled monsters in the graveyard to meet the activation requirements. You can also use Grand Mole or Air Hummingbird to provide another separate level as well. Then  you normal summon a monster that’s the same level as one of those in a myriad of different ways. You can simply normal another Prisma or Stratos in order to make a Rank 4. You can tribute summon either Necroshade or Neos using 1 or 2 of the monsters Special Summoned in order to make a Rank 5 or 7. Or if you have an extra Necroshade in the graveyard (note, although Prisma’s effect is negated by Message in a Bottle, you can still activate it and send a Necroshade to the graveyard as a cost) you can Normal Summon a Neos or Necroshade without tribute to XYZ. If you make a Rank 7, namely Big Eye, you can take 1 of your opponent’s monster and XYZ again since changing control of monsters isn’t special summoning and Message in a Bottle doesn’t limit the number of XYZ you can make that turn.

This can be used further in combination with the card The Warrior Returning Alive. Since as I mentioned you can still send stuff with Prisma even if its effect is negated, you can toolbox the monster you want to summon along side the monsters you revive with Message in a Bottle, making Message in a Bottle and The Warrior Returning alive a nice 2 card combo. If you really need a level 4 for this play it might be a nice idea to run 1 copy of Elemental HERO Sparkman, simply because he’s level 4, he can be used for Hero Blast and because he’s already in the Fusion Material of Elemental HERO Dark Bright. (who has Necroshade and Sparkman as Fusion Material)

The only major problem I see with all these shenanigans is that it’ll take up a massive amount of extra deck space. 2 Shinings for 3 Miracle Fusion minimum. 1 Neos Knight and 1 Dark Bright for Prisma’s effect. A second Neos Knight for if you want to run Miracle Contact. Minimum 1 Maestroke, 1 Excalibur, 1 Blackship of Corn, 1 Volcasaurus, 1 Gaia Dragon and 1 Big Eye for XYZ monsters. That’s 11 cards right there with lean Rank 4’s. Then there’s Super Poly targets, Neos Spacian Fusions, more Rank 5’s or even Chimeratech with Cyber Dragon and even Instant Fusion targets. The amount of feasible things you could be running here is almost endless.

So tell me what you think. Will it work, is there some way to expand upon this? Is this stupid, who knows? Anyways, thanks for reading as always, I’ll be back next week.

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