The Yugioh Card Game Podcast is a weekly show aimed at placing cards, decks, and strategies in front of our fellow duelists to say “Here, look at this! Isn’t it awesome!!” In addition to our fun, we take a serious look into anything related to Yu-Gi-Oh! and its current state. When schedules permit, episodes are recorded and then uploaded to iTunes between Thursday @5pm and Saturday@11:59pm.

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So Far Very Impressed (5 Stars)
by Metadecks
Ok so I like how you guys talk about the big meta decks and also fit the not so meta decks into your podcast. I would like to hear more about some good anti meta decks and cards that can stop the big decks being played right now. I was wondering if you could also talk about the six Sam deck That’s pooping on face in japan right now. It would be really cool if you guys could talk some more about the big decks in japan. Also if you guys could talk about that rock stun deck that would be awesome lol. Hey you guys are awesome!!! My girlfriend started to play the game after listening to your podcast! You have made my life perfect… Thank you… You guys are doing great keep up the good work!!!!

Awesome Podcast!!! (5 Stars)
by Tsuyoi82
I’ve been out of the game for several years now and you guys are helping me catch up quick on new strategies. Very informative to listen to. Keep it up!

Awesome Stuff (5 Stars)
by Rick Quenzer
Best Yug podcast around! Keep it up guys!


The YCGPodcast is recorded with an internal Dell laptop microphone and edited with the program Audacity. The RSS feed and our website are hosted at Freehostia.com. Our episodes are hosted by Archive.org.


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2013 Podcast Theme
“Bag of Hammers”
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