YCS Seattle/Tacoma Report


Got off work Friday night at 9 pm. After getting a ride to Tacoma, I stayed at Motel 6 with YCGPodcast crew (Matt Carter + Joe Mecham) and other people from our locals (Phoenix Games). After getting 2 hours of sleep and playtesting all night, I make my big YCS debut!

Product Analysis: Galactic Overlord

Replacing YIP will be an analysis of every new Yugioh product that will come out in the future. The move towards generalization was a conscious one, as I feel its a better approach to give people my opinion and information and let them draw their own conclusions when it comes to investment and such. That doesn’t mean I wont drop the occasional hint or two about potentially lucrative investment opportunities ;O.

Justen’s Portland Regional Report (UPDATED)

So to start things off…

The only really noteworthy thing that happened on Thursday is I found out that the event would cap off at around 140 people due to the size of the shop in question after reading a post by Mike from Team Overload’s blog. Thanks to him I dodged a bullet and was able to do more research and tell everyone coming with me to the event to preregister to guarantee ourselves a spot. I owe you one dude! It turns out the event was populated by lots of familiar faces from Washington.

YIP News

YIP has been canceled this week due to lack of news/market changes. This is a very slow time for Yugioh, both market and gamewise. During these slow times I’m thinking about making YIP bi or once monthly, because there’s just not that much to talk about when nothing is happening >_>.

YIP will probably be on hiatus until GAOV sneak peek, where there will DEFINITELY be investments and prices to talk about. Till then!

Yugioh Investment Portfolio (YIP) 1: Week of 2/26/12

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Yugioh Investment Portfolio (henceforth abbreviated YIP). The purpose of these articles are to give some insight into the ebb and flow of Yugioh card prices, and help you get information on popular cards, archetypes, and packs so you know the right time to buy and unload key cards. If there’s one thing you need to take away from these articles it’s this: timing is everything.

Locals Report 9/17/11

So I decided to use the vacation days I had accumulated over the last year before I lost them, and picked the last 2 Saturdays of the month (plus a Friday). That put me in the unique position of attending a local for the first time in at least 6 months (I without fail always work Saturday nights, the night my locals holds their tourny). By some freak chance Kyle gets the same Saturday off (he never gets Saturdays off either).

We go to locals about a hour before the tourney starts to do some trading and last minute adjustments to our decks  I was originally going to run X-Sabers (having nothing else I was confident in) but once I get there I decide I’m just not feeling it and I go with a deck I spent a lot less time playtesting with. I then give a few choice synchros that I wouldnt need to Kyle for the Karakuri deck he was going to run. I end up running a deck I had much more confidence in due to the strong impression it made to me in the small amount of time I used it: Agent Fairies. After making a side deck and tweaking my extra deck and final build a bit, I’m ready to go into round 1.