Back From YCS

Hey, we’re back from YCS this past weekend. Here’s some quick chat about it.

Sorry for the late post, was pretty busy throughout the week and weekend because of school and work and then YCS Tacoma over the weekend. Since I didn’t have time to create any kind of fleshed out article I’ll just give a quick recap and thoughts after my YCS experience.

I didn’t do that well, nor did anyone in my group at the YCS. My final record was 4-4, which is pretty bad, but I feel like it looks a lot worse than it is. I ended up losing my last 2 rounds in a row to the Shaddoll mirror match, which was kind of unfortunate. My last match was technically an avoidable loss, but I would have made the same decision every time that cost me the game. My other two losses where to Nekroz, which there was a very significant amount of at the tournament. Nekroz is really good, as was expected. I always got to game 3 against them, which makes me feel like I could win in the future against them with more experience. I only drew Mistake twice in the 6 games I played against Nekroz, which was kind of annoying because it pretty much wins the duel if I get it if they don’t have MST/Twister.

Shaddolls was pretty much the same as previous events for me: if my opponent didn’t run meta they where crushed (even decks considered good rouge decks just auto lose) and if the opponent ran meta I would actually have to duel them. Playing the Shaddoll mirror is pretty unfortunate for my build because I made deck choices that put the mirror match massively not in my favor. I main decked 3 Mistake and other trap cards, and just about anybody else at the event running Shaddoll other than myself was running the Denko build. That means I was running a bunch of irrelevant control options for the mirror match as well as less OTK potential against a deck that’s faster and has all the same tools plus Denko to answer all my tech. All I sided for the mirror was De-Fusion, which I never drew except in my final game of the day and I only opened with Spells in hand, making it pretty unhelpful.

As for the future of my deck, I’ve already been editing and changing it to change to what I noticed from the event. Artifact Lancea was definitely an amazing card even when I wasn’t playing against Nekroz so I’ll probably be running the more Artifact-centric build to more often see Lancea. For example 3 Lancea, 1 Moralltach, 3 Sanctum, 3 Call of the Haunted along with Kuribandit.

I also started picking up the random Ritual Beast singles that everybody was pretty much throwing away at the event. Because everybody was hustling to get Nekroz cards, a bunch of Secret Forces packs where being bought so everybody had Ritual Beasts or Yosenju cards for trade. I had tested the deck out quite a bit after the podcast about the Secret Forces and decided to start picking up the deck because it was so cheap and I already have all the expensive pieces accessible like Lightning Chidori or Emergency Teleport (which have seen dramatic hype price increases). Justen picked up a Yosenju deck for maybe 20 bucks too so I’m sure you’ll hear some word about those in the future.

That’s all I’ve got for now, see you guys next week.

Written by: Kyle Oliver

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