Card Review: 3 Underrated Cards.

Hello, I’m back with some more articles after the Christmas break. For today I’ll be looking at 3 cards I feel where overlooked and deserve some thought.



Level 3 / Wind / Sea Serpent / 600 ATK / 300 DEF

The first card is Skystarray, a Rare from Generation Force (GENF). What this card does is almost immediately apparent. It’s going to attack directly and it’s going to keep doing it. As a competitive player, the first thing I thought when looking at this card was “direct attack monsters have never really been good, so why would this be any different”. This is partially true; the fact that it attacks directly and deals a little bit of damage from it really isn’t a big deal and likely wont be important to this cards success, but it’s important to note this is probably the best direct attacking monster in the game for the reasons why it’s good. It’s power lies in its effect to banish itself, making it a highly evasive card to the opponent. This essentially allows the card to always be on the field during your turn allowing for some helpful level versatility for XYZ and Synchroing. (not to mention it’s level 3 being probably the most ideal level to XYZ summon with) It’s also nice to mention that the card “returns” to the field rather than being re-summoned, which makes it even harder to kill as well as lets you get a reliable monster presence under cards like Archlord Kristya.

The second reason this card is good is because, in my opinion, this card is bar none the best target for Deep Sea Diva. There’s other cards like Lost Blue Breaker who do really good things when summoned with Diva that become awful when drawn, but Skystarray is the only Diva target that is really usable at all when drawn. (unless you’re running an obscure deck) Skystarray also makes Diva a very similar play to Tour Guide of the Underworld except rather than being more passive all around, Diva is more offensive. A lot of people wouldn’t like Diva in the current meta because it can get hurt easily by Maxx “C” since the only thing anyone would really do after a Diva summon in the past is Synchro, making the opponent draw 2. (which isn’t good) But now, similarly to summoning a Sangan, but more aggressive you can just summon a Skystarray and attack to get a pressure on the board and setup for next turn. It’s honestly not the best comparison, but you see what I mean. (I hope) 


Blue Thunder T-45

Level 4  / Light / Machine / 1700 ATK / 1000 DEF

Blue Thunder T-45 is a common from Phantom Darkness (PTDN). In a time when attacking recruiters like Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame and Flamvell Firedog didn’t exist yet, one lone space ship flew unnoticed in the depths of space. Well, that was really silly, but all that to say this card is pretty much the same effect the those two guys with some interesting advantages and disadvantages. Basically, the goal of Blue Thunder will be to destroy monsters to get Tokens on board for Synchroing or just some quick damage, and who doesn’t love random Tokens?  (The tokens also make some nice targets for Enemy Controller)

The biggest disadvantage this card has to the other two is being on the same attacking level as Reborn Tengu, which is a little unfortunate but can be worked around with Spell and Trap support that manipulates Attack and Defense, one in particular is Honest. The second disadvantage is Blue Thunder cannot immediately do anything with the Tokens he summons since Tokens can’t be XYZ’d with and neither Blue Thunder or the Tokens are Tuners. The advantages though are is this card works under cards like Dimensional Fissure since it only needs to destroy monsters by battle and doesn’t need to send them to the graveyard. It also is helpful that it summons Tokens rather than cards from the deck, giving it both the possibility of infinite use of its effect as well as never drawing into the target that you would want to summon. I don’t have much else to say other than I’ve always loved this card. 


Fiery Fervor

Normal Trap

After a short talk with Ozz the Barkeep this card is apparently very bad… I unfortunately misread the card, as many people apparently have. Sorry for any confusion.

The last card is Fiery Fervor a very new card from Photon Shockwave (PHSW). This card is just really good. In short it doubles the Attack of one of your monsters as long as it battles a monster with more Attack than it. I had to double  take when I read this card the first time, it’s a common that no one cares about that just doubles a monsters attack, and on top of that it can be activated in the Damage Step! Amazing. This card can really help out decks that have a lot of just not high enough attack monsters. Fiery Fervor works in similar situations as Horn of the Phantom Beast, a card people have learned to fear. When a opponent attacks your monster, you wait until the damage step, flip this card and now you’ve got a huge beater. I really don’t know what else to say other than try this card out.

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