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Hello everyone! Gonna be a short article today, been busy most of the week so didn’t have much time to think of something so I’ll take a small look into a card. With the recent unlimiting of Call of the Haunted I felt it fitting to talk about the card a little more in depth. I’ll just be going over three particular ways that Call of the Haunted can be used so that you can further understand the uses of one Yugioh’s most powerful trap cards. The uses I’ll talk about today will all revolve a much more unorthodox use of the card, I hope you enjoy it.

Call of the Haunted is very interesting when it comes to its past. Much like Monster Reborn, what some might consider its counterpart, it has bounced around the banlist for a very long time. It was even banned when Jinzo was really good since you could recur a Jinzo in response to a Trap to effectively negate it. (still a fairly good play) Which nicely brings me to the first and very interesting way to play Call of the Haunted, which is for trap negation of sort.

This is probably the most in-obvious of uses for Call but it really brings to the forefront its advantages over Monster Reborn. Basically, using Call in response or in some cases a pre-response in order to halt plays or to flat out negate them. This mostly involves some of the heaviest stun monsters in the game. Three in particular are Jinzo, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo and Thunder King Rai-oh. The first, as I already mentioned can effectively negate traps, and while this seems counter intuitive to run Jinzo and a Trap Card in combination it actually makes for quite devastating advantage if played correctly since you have literally gone plus 1 when you chain Call of the Haunted to a Trap and revive Jinzo. This is also very effective considering Jinzo is a large 2400 body, which can also stave off attacks, meaning that he simultaneously threatens the opponent in power and negation at the drop of a hat.

Similarly, with Fossil Dyna you can chain Call of the Haunted to a card such as Monster Reborn or the effect of Junk Synchron and bring out Fossil Dyna to negate that effect in a way, since the opponent can no longer Special Summon while Fossil Dyna is on the field. Very similarly to reviving Jinzo, this method also tends to go plus 1 since the pretty much have burnt a card like Monster Reborn while you’ve technically not lost any cards at all, and if you really want to nitpick, you’ve actually gained a card. Reviving Fossil Dyna in particular is a huge disrupter to Plants, who really don’t matter anymore (poor little guys), since cards like One for One, Reborn, Lonefire, Debris Dragon, Tour Guide and many more monsters practically face-plant into the ground when a Fossil Dyna is brought back in response to there effects.

The last is Thunder King Rai-oh and while not being nearly as powerful as the two before it’s far more versatile since he can run by himself without Call of the Haunted and also tends to send himself to the Graveyard anyways which is where you’ll want him for Call of the Haunted. With T-King you can play Call in the middle of a play to deter a Synchro or XYZ summon, such as chaining it to the effect of Wind-Up Rat so that if they attempt to XYZ Summon you can negate it with T-King, which pretty much morphs you Call of the Haunted into Black Horn of Heaven. He also can work alternatively to negate cards like Reinforcements of the Army or even Pot of Duality. (no one ever thought you could go plus 1 off a Pot of Duality, but you can) You can chain to the activation of such cards with Call to revive T-King and negate such a card. The ruling for how Duality works there is a little weird, but it still stops them from adding cards to the hand.

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