Card Review: D.D. Crow

I just keep looking at this card and thinking this works against everything right now. I feel like everyone has some weird secret pact to never use this card because it stops cards like Pot of Avarice, which everyone always fears in the back of their mind when they play it. But oh well, I decided to take a closer look at this card, weigh its pros and cons against each deck to see how good it would turn out.

First off, I want to look at cards that almost every deck, or a lot of decks run that D.D. Crow works against. Even against decks were Crow would seem utterly useless a couple of cards are always there to use Crow on. Cards like Monster Reborn and Pot of Avarice are the big two. So, worst case scenario if you’ve got Crows main-decked and you come up against, say Dino Rabbit, you won’t be completely out of luck. There’s also a couple other cards, not completely in competitive favor, that it hits that are general cards. These include Call of the Haunted, Stardust Dragon (unfortunately never sees the light of day anymore aside from Starlight Road) and to an extent Black Luster Solider. Now, all the other decks have those possibilities included as well as other specialized cards that can get Crow’d, I figure I can just list those off right here.

Wind-Ups: Although Wind-Ups don’t have a whole lot more targets that Dino Rabbit for Crow, the ones they use are very prominent making Crow really easy to pull off. The obvious target here is Wind-Up Rat, a card that will undoubtedly be played at least once if you’re facing a Wind-Up player, if not more than once.

Inzektors: We already know you should be siding in Crows for this deck, so when maining it you have an even greater advantage. Hit the targets in the Graveyard for Centipede and Dragonfly, hopefully Hornet but Hopper if you feel it wil cripple them. The deck also now runs even more Graveyard targeting cards such as the main-decked Call of the Haunted and even the new Zektcalibur which targets an Inzektor monster in the Graveyard to return it to there hand when Zektcalibur leaves the field. Crow will definitley not be dead in this match-up.

Elemental HEROs: Surprisingly, there’s quite a few cards to be Crowing in this match-up! Monster Reborn is definitley here as well as possible teched Call of the Haunted if they’re running Bubble Beat. The deck also usually mains Hero Blast in twos or even threes and activating a Crow to remove an opponent’s Neo Alius is crippling to their strategy and on top of that, when the target for Hero blast is removed they don’t get to destroy a monster. One of the deck’s biggest win cards is Miracle Fusion, which can dodge Crow under the right circumstances, but with the current build it’s a little more difficult. If your opponent Miracle Fusions you can respond with Crow removing a HERO, and if they no longer have enough monsters on field or in the Graveyard to resolve Miracle Fusion its effect will fizzle. Lastly, there’s lots of opportunities in HERO decks to tech cards that target the Graveyard such as Fusion Recovery, The Warrior Returning Alive and other similar cards.

Darkworlds: The other debatably high teir deck is Darkworlds. Obviously enough, you want to use D.D. Crow on an opponent’s Grapha Dragonlord of the Darkworld to seriously hinder the decks progress. It also can do some quick stops against Beige, Silva and Goldd.

Of course there’s more decks out there, but these are the main 5 at the moment. Noticeably, D.D. Crow is good against all these decks except Dino Rabbit, but it still has some basic uses against that deck as well. All this to really say, I’ve been thinking about main-decking this card because it just seems way to good right now.

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