Card Review: Divine Dragon Apocralyph

Photobucket Hey look, it’s another card review! Today I’m going to be looking at a new an wonderful addition to Dragon decks: Divine Dragon Apocralyph.  Essentially, a more versatile version of Genesis Dragon, Apocralyph brings a lot of versatility and consistency to Dragon decks today and has very easily made himself what I would consider to be a staple in all current Dragon decks.

Apocralyph is pretty new, he was released in Order of Chaos, thankfully as a common. Here’s his effect:

Once per turn: You can discard 1 card, then target 1 Dragon-Type monster in your Graveyard; add that target to your hand.

He clocks in at 1000 ATK and 1500 DEF, the reverse of his lore counterpart: Divine Dragon Ragnarok. (some really old normal monster) He’s also level 4 and a Dark Dragon type monster. (Also, as another side note, look out in the future for Queen Dragun [name pending] another similar counterpart King Dragon [a fusion with Ragnarok] being an XYZ monster that’s supposed to use Apocralyph. I’ve already thought of some really sweet combos with it, maybe I’ll mention them later)

His effect couldn’t be any more simple to understand. He brings a very powerful and easy to use backwards toolboxing engine to any Dragon deck which I really think they’ve been dying for. Also, as I said before he has much the same effect as Genesis Dragon but in a far more usable form. Being level 4 he becomes easily summonable in almost every way for a Dragon deck, as opposed to Genesis. He can be Normal Summon or searched by Masked Dragon, and not to mention he’s Dark which gives him a strong affinity to the Graveyard via all the “Dark Dump” monsters like Armageddon Knight. His Dark Attribute also allows him tons of versatility with the new Chaos Dragon cards since other than Darkflare Dragon (a card from the new deck) there’s not really any other Dark Dragon type monsters you’re going to get into the Graveyard. He also can be searched by a card I built my Dragon deck around: Dragunity Knight – Gae Dearg.

So, what’s there to do with this card? What new things does it bring to the table. The first thing is he brings is a bunch of well known but powerful Synchro’s easily on board in a Dragon deck in combination with Delta Flyer.  With a Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (REDMD) in combination with Apocralyph, it is incredibly easy to make versatile Synchro plays only using resources from your Graveyard. You can revive Apocralyph with REDMD then use his effect to nab a Delta Flyer then normal Summon it and Synchro for 7 or 8. Since Apocralyph is Dark this gives Dragon decks access to Synchros such as Dark End Dragon, which are twice to fighting force in a Dragon deck considering he’s a Dragon type monster which can be so easily revived. Not to mention he’s a Dark Dragon, meaning you can revive him with Lightpulsar Dragon’s effect or other cards like Escape From the Dark Dimension. Another Synchro that we almost never see is Exploder Dragonwing, a level 7 Synchro that requires 2 Dragon monsters as material. Exploder also shares his easily revivable status with Dark End making him an equally versatile candidate for the deck. Also, don’t forget all the other classic Dragon Synchros putting in similar double time. (Stardust, Scrap Dragon etc.) Scrap Dragon in particular is a beast of a monster when you can use his effect to destroy an opponents card and himself, then be revived in the same turn by REDMD to use his effect again. Wow!

Apocralyph also helps to easily simplify the Light and Darkness Dragon (LaDD) loop which previously involved Genesis Dragon. With Apocralyph the loop is easier to setup and easier to perpetuate since Apocralyph doesn’t have to discard a Dragon monster to activate its effect like Genesis Dragon did. The loop works like this: Get out a REDMD and revive Apocralyph. Tribute them both to summon LaDD. When LaDD is destroyed Special Summon the REDMD from your graveyard. Then you can use REDMD to revive Apocralyph again and then use Apocralyph to add LaDD to your hand and Tribute Summon it. Rinse and repeat. It’s a pretty effective combo, and anyone who’s had to deal with Light and Darkness Dragon knows it can become difficult if you don’t have the right cards. Usually if the loop goes through unhindered that might as well be good game.


The funnest way to use Apocralyph is using some very versatile backwards toolboxing techniques. Backwards toolboxing, as opposed to toolboxing which is precisely obtaining cards from your deck, is when you use something like your Graveyard as your toolbox by sending cards specifically from the deck to the graveyard where you can access them like a toolbox, usually by milling, but in the case of Dragons there’s more pinpoint means. (not to say milling in Dragons isn’t a bad idea, in fact that works just as well) In combination with cards like Dragon’s Ravine as well as Darkflare Dragon, you can send specific targets to the graveyard so you can add them back to your hand with Apocralyph, bolstering the consistency of Dragons dramatically. Also, in tandem with this backwards toolboxing, Apocralyph also loads the Graveyard with cards out of the hand that you may want in the Graveyard; examples include: Dragunity Phalanx, Eclipse Wyvern, Red-Eyes Wyvern, Lightpulsar Dragon etc. A combo I really like is sending a REDMD to the Graveyard then summoning Apocralyph and discard Lightpulsar Dragon to add back REDMD. Then I can Special Summon REDMD by removing Apocralyph and then revive the Lightpulsar I just pitched. The options you have when holding an Apocralyph and a Ravine in hand are really high, all that is needed to use them effectively is skill since it’s definitley not going to play itself. One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about my recent experiments with Dragon decks using Apocralyph are the ability to make plays no matter what the hand given the versatility of cards such as this.

As always, input is appreciated.

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