Card Review: Double Return

The Burn Patch

I’m sure they mean well…

When you take 1000 or more damage by your opponent’s card effect, place 1 Twofold Counter on this card for each multiple of 1000 damage you took. During your opponent’s next End Phase: Destroy this card, then inflict 2000 damage to your opponent for each Twofold Counter that was on this card.

Double Return is a Continuous Trap Card releasing in Galactic Overlord. In the OCG, it’s a rare and should stay that way when it sees a TCG release.

The interesting thing about Double Return is its punishment of any type of quick burn investment, essentially Chain Burn. Chain Burn likes to run cards like Secret Barrel, Just Deserts, and Chain Strike, of course. Flipping this at the end of their combo will likely result in them losing half, if not all, of their remaining life points. Just the satisfaction you would get from out burning a burner makes this card worth considering.

Unfortunately, it’s a single-purpose card, and something like Royal Decree can be used or sided flexibly and produces a similar result in ending burn shenanigans. While Decree is considerably more versatile, this card allows you to run traps as you normally would and returns the back-row space it occupied.

Double Return does an incredibly good job at doing what it was made for, throwing an ocean on burn.

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