Card Review: Frightfur Tiger

A quick look at the most recent Shonen Jump promo card.

I had all but forgotten that I was subscribed to Shonen Jump until I received yet another random card in the mail from them this last week. I honestly was under the impression my subscription had ran out a while back, but as long as I keep getting sent fairly valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! cards I’m not going to fret. The most recent ard I was sent was a copy of Frightfur Tiger, much to my surprise. Surprise because I had thought that we weren’t receiving this card for some time and I had pretty much blocked the idea of it existing in the TCG from my mind until further notice, much like how I blocked the idea of Cyber Dragon Infinity from my mind. It was locked in the “don’t even play test with it because we wont get it” vault. So, it was quite the pleasant surprise to open up that little white envelope and find a cute cyan tiger inside.

Instantly I was inspired to make Fluffals again. I had interest in the deck when it was released eons ago (it actually wasn’t all that long ago) but due to the decks similarity to Shaddolls and definitive lesser potential I pretty much completely backed off the deck. Many other cards have been released since then giving the deck much more potential and further differentiating it from its fusion brethren Shaddolls, and finally the addition of Frightfur Tiger, which is essentially the ultimate addition to the deck in regards to what it needed, we finally have some viability for the deck.

Frightfur Tiger

Level 6 / DARK

Fiend / Fusion / Effect

1900 ATK / 1200 DEF

“Edge Imp Sabres” + 1 or more “Fluffal” monsters

When this card is Fusion Summoned: You can target cards on the field, up to the number of Fusion Materials used for its Fusion Summon; destroy them. All “Frightfur” monsters you control gain 300 ATK for each “Fluffal” monster and “Frightfur” monster you control. You can only control 1 “Frightfur Tiger”.


In short, Frightfur Tiger literally does everything the Fluffal deck ever wanted, that’s why it’s so good. It’s pretty clear in my opinion, that even with no knowledge of the deck, that this card has a good effect akin to the likes of Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, a behemoth of a time long since past. Simply fusion summoning this card with just Edge Imp Sabres and 1 single Fluffal monster nets you 2 destructions, which goes even at the very least since you invest 2 monsters and a Polymerization to net you 1 monster and 2 less of your opponent’s cards, and that’s pretty much the worst case scenario. Best case scenario you can well up a bunch of Fluffal monsters in the graveyard and use Frightfur Fusion to banish from the graveyard fusion materials and pull a 1 card for 4 destructions pretty easily.

Why is this relevant for Fluffals though, I mean plenty of decks boast large amounts of destruction right? Well, Fluffals literally did not, bar Frightfur Leo, which isn’t exactly a card you can use as a deck’s backbone (it’s admittedly very good though). A majority of the the Fluffal deck is based around spam summoning and attacking and has little to no regard for the opponent’s cards. It’s nearly impossible to make a deck like that without expecting to get decimated by a deck that runs a reasonable amount of trap cards. With the addition of the single card, Frightfur Tiger, this problem is solved, because not only does Tiger provide exactly what the deck needs, it is also incredibly easy for the deck to summon. Tiger boasts potentially the easiest fusion materials of any of the reasonable fusion monsters, being Edge Imp Sabres, the most accessible and recurrable of the Edge Imp monsters, and the generic any Fluffal monsters.

What makes this card even stronger for the deck is the synergy it has with a handful of other cards in the deck. The natural partner for Tiger is Frightfur Fusion. Not only does Frightfur Fusion allow for some supreme blowout summons of Frightfur Tiger late in the game, but it also support it with some of the most easy to perform OTK combos in combination with Frightfur Wolf. Both Tiger and Wolf require the same fusion material, so you can simply Polymerization for a Tiger, clear the board, the play Frightfur Fusion using the same material in the graveyard to summon Wolf. Wolf can attack for each of its material, so in order to OTK you only need Edge Imp Sabres and 2 Fluffal monsters to perform this OTK, which is really easy in this deck considering that most Fluffal monsters go plus 1 in one way or another.

Frightfur Tiger also has synergy with all the Continuous Spells of the deck. Both Frightfur Factory and Toy Vendor have a searching effect when they are sent to the graveyard (even from the deck or hand, if you were wondering). This means given any extra destructions with Tiger you have the potential to destroy Frightfur Factory or Toy Vendor to perform even more elaborate plays, and let me tell you this deck is elaborate! Toy Vendor searches you deck for any Fluffal monster or Edge Imp Sabres (sadly not any of the other Edge Imp Monsters, because searching Edge Imp Chain would be fantastic). Frightfur Factory adds a banish Frightfur Fusion to your hand, which tends to get banished by Frightfur Factory’s effect. An example play would be to use Frightfur Factory banishing a Frightfur Fusion to activate it to fusion summon Frightfur Tiger and then using Tiger’s effect to destroy the opponent’s cards as well as Frightfur Factory. Factory would then add the banished Frightfur Fusion to hand which you could activate using the same materials used to summon Tiger to summon Wolf and ideally OTK the opponent.

It would be remiss to not mention that the attack boosting effect of Frightfur Tiger is also greatly beneficial. In general, Fluffals don’t make any fusion monsters that can get past 2800, so if the opponent summons a monster with more than that, assuming they either have protection for that monster or the monster has built in protection (for example Apoqliphort Towers), Frightfur Tiger makes it much easier to deal with those threats than ever before. You can fusion summon a Frightfur Tiger and follow up with a Frightfur Sheep (being the most ideal attacker of the deck) and then crash the sheep into the larger monster to revive it with 800 more attack plus the minimum 600 boost from the Tiger to have a 3400 ATK monster. In this case of Towers you’ll want at least 1 more stray Fluffal or Frightfur monster on the field to make Tiger’s boosting effect go up to 900 making Sheep have 3700 ATK to make up for the 500 ATK point loss of Tower’s effect.

Overall, it’s still clear that Fluffals are no Nekroz or Shaddoll decks, but by no means will they now sit on their backs and die. The deck is actually quite fast and capable of going toe to toe with stronger decks given very smart play and fine tuned deck building. Fluffals will still be receiving 2 more packs of support, maybe even a 3rd pack considering none of that pack has been revealed as of yet so there’s still a lot of hope for Fluffal players, not to mention that all 3 of the cards coming out in Dimension of Chaos are amazingly good.

If you’re looking for a quick deck list to check out Fluffals yourself, here’s the one I’ve been using in my testing. Enjoy!

Written by: Kyle Oliver

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