Card Review: Junk Synchron and Synchro Fusionist

Card Review: Junk Synchron with Synchro Fusionist

Junk SynchronSynchro Fusionist

It is easy to forget that before Xyz Monsters, Synchro Monsters, and even Ritual Monsters, there were Fusions. Created to be a powerful union between two monsters, Fusions inspired duelists to dream up exciting monster combinations that used their favorite cards. Then, reality set in – Fusions were bad. Barring a handful of shining examples, Fusion Summoning has long been one of Yu-Gi-Oh’s under valued mechanics. With HEROS, and one of my favorite cards, Synchro Fusionist, Fusion Summoning has become fun and effective, allowing you to search for and set-up plays consistently.

As a Level 2, Spellcaster-Type monster, Synchro Fusionist unearths many fun possibilities and is instrumental in a set of cards I call the “Future Fusion” Engine. I’ve labeled its partner in crime, Junk Synchron, as one of my go-to Tuner monsters because of its high search-ablility. Junk really makes the fusion engine possible. Being a warrior, Junk is easy to search, with options like ROTA, and Tuning, that allow you to drop Level 5 Synchros with one card. Combined, Junk and Fusionist give you a Level 5 synchro of your choice and the ability to set-up a fusion play by adding a card with Polymerization or Fusion from your deck to your hand. Ironically, since Tuning also has the effect of milling one card off of the top of your deck, you could potentially set this play up with no effort at all.

To increase the consistency of this combo, I like to use Armageddon Knight since it can dump Synchro Fusionist into the graveyard, ideally within one or two turns. Running ROTA will be mandatory, since it gives you access to both Armageddon Knight and Junk Synchron, while Tuning also provides access to Junk. So, you have a very high level of control over how you organize your hand.

Elemental HERO Escuridao

One of the unfortunate aspects of running Synchro Fusionist is that you can draw it. Previously, there was nothing you could do with it in your hand, nothing very efficient anyway. But now, with the Dark Omni-HERO out, you could run regular-old Polymerization. You could even run Super Poly to discard Synchro Fusionist while fighting for control of the game. That way, your future fusions will have a better chance of getting through.

An optional route you could take would be to use Summoner Monk to bring out Armageddon Knight faster. I generally suggest this if you are using other monsters that are effective when played with Monk, like Elemental HERO Stratos.

I tested this engine while the card Future Fusion was still legal. If I didn’t draw it, I would generally have it within a few turns, or be able to control the game with HEROs for long enough until I got the combo going. Then, every Junk Synchron, Tuning, Warrior Returning Alive, or ROTA gave me the ability to swarm the field or retain power cards in my hand, like Miracle Fusion.

Miracle Synchro Frusion

Earlier I mentioned that, with Junk Synchron and Synchro Fusionist, you can Sync for Level 5 monsters like T.G. Hyper Librarian or Ally of Justice – Catastor. A card called Miracle Synchro Fusion, that targets a Synchro Monster and a Non-Synchro Monster on the field or in the grave, and fuses them together, allows you to use Librarian and a Synchro Fusionist as material for summoning Supreme Archanite Magician. It’s a fantastic monster that can draw you a card or destroy a card on your opponent’s side of the field, once per turn.

If you have any questions about Synchro Fusionist, would like to comment on the article, or share your thoughts, you can let us know in the comments below!

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