Card Review: The Transmigration Prophecy

Here’s just a quick article that’s an off-shoot of my Volcanic deck profile. In that deck I’m maining a copy of the Transmigration Prophecy and over the past few weeks it has gone over and beyond my expectations as a powerful asset in the deck.

The card in the end is really straight forward. It’s kind of like a D.D. Crow, but better and worse in some ways. Also,  just so you know in advance, The Transmigration Prophecy is limited to 1. This is due to infinite looping in which you’d shuffle the other copies of itself back into the deck +1 other card to make for literal infinite use of every card in your deck unless one of them is negated. So safe to say it wont be coming back from 1, unless Konami just decides that they don’t care about that anymore.

That small tangent aside, like I said, it acts the same as D.D. Crow a lot of the time; target something with its effect when your opponent targets a card in there graveyard with one of there effects (ex. Monster Reborn, Pot of Avarice etc.) and remove that target so the card fizzles. Also, at the same time you can get the added bonus of shuffling one of your own awesome cards back into the deck, say your Pot of Avarice or your Monster Reborn, which I got’ta say is pretty fantastic.

It also works really well with cards that pull from the deck. The obligatory Volcanic Shell from my last article is one of the options, but don’t forget about cards like Reborn Tengu or even just general battle searchers like Giant Rat or a Nimble Momonga. This card can effectively be turned into a one for one in the case of these cards and make some pretty sweet combos.

Unlike D.D. Crow this card is trap so it’s susceptible to spell and trap removal, which ironically can be a good thing a lot of the time. Another way to go one for one with the card is just to use it as MST bait. When the opponent targets it with Mystical Space Typhoon while it’s face-down you can take that opportunity to shuffle some of your good cards back into the deck at no cost since your opponent is wasting a card on it.

Of course, the greatest way to take advantage of the card is to have a deck that can fully utilize all the different attributes of the card. In the end I kinda just want to get the card out in the open for everyone because it’s such a versatile and strong card, that at worst, should be in every decks Side Deck. Once again, happy dueling out there and see you next week.

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