Card Thoughts: Subterror Behemoth Burrowing

Just a random though.

For no reason in particular, I came unto a realization about the card Subterror Behemoth Burrowing. The card has an inherent combo built into itself that is actually really good for the deck, but the currently houses no legitimate ways to perform it itself. First off, I’ll start by reviewing Burrowing’s effect:

Subterror Behemoth Burrowing

Normal Trap Card
You can banish 1 “Subterror” monster from your Graveyard; for the rest of this turn, face-down monsters you control cannot be destroyed by card effects, and your opponent cannot target them with card effects. If this card on the field is destroyed by a card effect: You can add 1 “Subterror” monster from your Deck to your hand. You can banish this card from your Graveyard, then target 1 “Subterror” monster you control; change it to face-down Defense Position.

In my initial review of this card I really only looked at the first portion of the effect, which would be be the assumed most important facet of the card. In actuality it seems Burrowing was design to be used differently, at least that’s my new opinion after my realization.

Here’s how this combo works so simply.

  • You have a set Burrowing.
  • Destroy that set Burrowing in some manner.
  • Burrowing then searches a Subterror Nemesis, most likely Archer.
  • Normal Summon Archer.
  • Use Burrowing to flip Archer face-down.

The point is that in the end you get to flip a monster you control face-down and then can activate all of your Subterrors from the hand. In addition you’ll also have a set copy of Subterror Nemesis Archer as an insurance policy in case of mass destruction.

Naturally there’s a huge problem, and that’s that there are basically no good ways currently of destroying your own Spells and Traps. The deck does have one built in way to do so, which is by destroying it with your own Subterror Behemoth Stygokraken, but that assumes you were already able to get a Behemoth out and in general at that point you don’t want Burrowing nearly as much. Here’s the best I could come up with though:

  • Artifact Ignition
    • I’ll start off with my best idea of the many. Artifact Ignition of course assume you’re running the Artifact suite, so at least Beagalltach, 2 Scythe and a Moralltach. Beagalltach also can destroy your own Burrowing, but that’s not nearly as effective because of how slow it is. Artifacts also have some nice synergy with Subterror Nemesis Warrior because they can generate monsters for you to tribute off without your Normal Summon. Overall. this is the most legitimate idea.
  • “Dragonic Diagram”
    • In quotes because the chances of the card having that same name when it comes out are low. Dragonic Diagram is a Field Spell from the next set that works in just about every deck imaginable. In short though, it can destroy a card you control or in the hand  to search a “True King” monster from your deck once per turn. This can be used to destroy a set Burrowing, and Archer or the multitude of True King monsters you’re required to run to effectively use this card. You also standardly run 2 to 3 Terraforming in Subterrors so this is very easily searchable.
  • Archfiend Eccentrik
    • Really simple, you can use it from your Pendulum Scale to destroy your own burrowing… that’s it.
  • Generic Spell and Trap Destruction
    • There’s also cards like Mystical Space Typhoon, Twin Twisters or Double Cyclone.

That’s all I really have for that idea. Perhaps Konami will make more ways to utilize this in the next Subterror set, which would be great, but I don’t expect much in the way of self-destruction for Subterrors since they haven’t really used that notion yet.


And that’s my quickie article for the week! buh-bye!

Written by: Kyle Oliver

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