Chaos Zombie HERO Monarchs?

 photo ReaperontheNightmare_zps0540e342.jpg I continue my little theme along to this week with some more ideas, not relating to the last ones. They are less refined this time, but I feel they are more potent. There’s so many ideas that they wont even fit into a single deck, so it’ll have to be sorted out to be of any use. This week is about what I don’t know what to call other than Chaos Zombie HERO Monarchs.

These ideas arise from a lot of synergy found between each of the aforementioned decks as well as my tendency to make decks unbelievably lean. As I said on the most recent podcast, I’ve leaned HEROs down to the least amount of HERO monsters needed to run 3 Miracle Fusions, which ends up being 3 or 4 HEROs depending on the HEROs that apply to your deck. Sadly, as I write this my HERO deck has died because of the new banlist (Sangan being one of the essentials to the deck’s core), so it’s likely I’ll move onto deck ideas like this one.

 photo PrismaReaperNightmare_zpsdaf414d3.jpgHEROs have been whittled down to something very simple in my mind: an engine to play Miracle Fusion. The Gemini engine is nice and all, but the format has picked up to a speed where that kind of disruption is too slow and often results in your being forced into very projected and weak plays. Thus the engine is simplified into this “The Shining Maker” engine that also has the capacity for some pretty versatile Rank 4’s and mini control plays. So thus this small deck engine is born and is essentially what I use now with alterations for this article’s ideas in specific:

  • 1 Elemental HERO Stratos
  • 2 Elemental HERO Prisma
  • 1 Summoner Monk
  • 1 Photon Thrasher
  • 1 Cyber Dragon
  • 1 Spirit Reaper
  • 1 Chaos Sorcerer
  • 1 Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
  • 2 E – Emergency Call
  • 1 Reinforcement of the Army
  • 3 Miracle Fusion
  • 1 Instant Fusion
  • 1 Darkfire Dragon/Karbonala Warrior*
  • 1 Reaper on the Nightmare
  • 1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
  • 2 Elemental HERO the Shining

* (I haven’t decided which I like better yet. Karbonala so I can make Excalibur or Darkfire because it’s a Dark monster.)

In my previous article I mentioned Sangan with Sandwich, but as I said earlier Sangan will be banned shortly, so what good is me telling you to run it? This brought way to me needing another Dark monster to send for Prisma since I wanted to run Chaos monsters (BLS and Sorcerer) with the HERO deck so that in essence I ran 5 Miracle Fusion (swag, haha). This gave way to the first thought of using Zombies and HEROs together with Spirit Reaper as the key point of access between the two decks since Prisma can send Spirit Reaper to the grave for the Fusion Monster Reaper on the Nightmare. There’s lots of other things that can be jammed into this deck, and it isn’t even technically necessary for these next ideas either, so I suppose I mean to say keep this idea in mind, but don’t hold to it.

Next comes an idea I’ve toyed with on the podcast a couple times: using a Zombie engine that’s purpose is only to abuse Spirit Reaper. First off, this means Plaguespreader isn’t really a thought in any of this. It’s a great card, but if we focus on Spirit Reaper, Plaguespreader becomes excessive pretty quickly and can frequently subvert setting up plays for the Spirit Reaper portion.

Spirit Reaper brings a lot of things to the table by itself. First and most obvious, an element of Stall. By just running 3 Reaper and no support you give a deck a lot of fallback power, especially if it runs a lot of traps because by stalling extra turns you collect a lot of defense to your plays, so if you ever achieve anything after the stall, you usually have a lot of back-up cards. Due to the stalling nature of the card it also centralizes your opponent’s plays into specific cards, so it’s easy to make them use those cards for Reaper rather than against your real plays. It also has a similar offensive nature with its discard effect. It forces the opponent to act a lot of the time and waste cards that would otherwise hurt your large plays and use them on Spirit Reaper instead because he threatens any plays the opponent builds up in hand, which is where a lot of decks keep there resources hidden nowadays. The last thing it brings is a consistent level 3 body, which of course means Rank 3 XYZ. Any weaker Level 3 monsters with strong effects can be summoned along side a surviving Reaper  and then used for XYZ summoning the only Rank 3 that’s worth while: Leviair the Sea Dragon.

 photo 300px-LeviairtheSeaDragonGENF-EN-UR-1E_zps505d5f4f.png

I will not mince words about Leviair, it’s a horribly designed card that is way to powerful. To that end, we should abuse it as much as possible. Leviair brings about the second point of Synergy between Zombies and HEROs. Both decks banish a lot of cards they would greatly desire to get back. Zombies have the potential to make Rank 3’s if the build is centralized on it. This can be supported by Prisma’s ability to load the grave with Spirit Reapers. All this makes the two seem like they should go together if built under those circumstances. I’ve made another engine of sorts for the zombies, but unlike the HERO engine, this one is less refined. I rarely have play Zombies, but I have lots of experience with Spirit Reaper so a lot of theory goes into this engine, but here’s a mock-up of how it may work out:

  • 3 Spirit Reaper
  • 1 Mezuki
  • 2 Goblin Zombie
  • 2 Pyramid Turtle
  • 1 Foolish Burial
  • 1 Burial From the Different Dimension
  • 1 Book of Life
  • 1 Monster Reborn

The idea here was pretty simple, get lots of Spirit Reaper all over the place and do Spirit Reaper things with them. The Rank 3’s it creates can also capitalize on Mezuki’s effect so that the engine perpetuates itself once setup. Reaper on board, Banish Mezuki to revive 2nd Reaper. XYZ for Leviair and revive Mezuki. Not too difficult to imagine.

Synergy 3, Reaper on the Nightmare. This card is pretty wild! For those who don’t know Reaper on the Nightmare is a level 5 Dark Zombie Fusion Monster with 800 ATK and 600 DEF. It’s a fusion between Spirit Reaper (thus the ability for Prisma to send it to the graveyard) and Nightmare Horse. Here’s its effect:

This card is not destroyed as a result of battle. Destroy this card when it is targeted by the effect of a Spell, Trap or Effect Monster. This card can attack your opponent’s Life Points directly even if there is a monster on your opponent’s side of the field. If this card successfully attacks your opponent’s Life Points directly, your opponent discards 1 card randomly from his/her hand.

It’s still got some pretty old card text because the most recently released copy was from Pharaonic Guardian which was a pack in 2003. (So old!) It’s pretty much the same as Spirit Reaper except it attacks directly, which is ridiculously good.

What’s even better about this card is that it’s a viable monster for Instant Fusion. The monster summoned by Instant Fusion can’t attack and is destroyed in the end phase, so why does this matter? This is and interesting case that pretty much no other card of its kind falls into. Unlike almost every other Instant Fusion target it has almost no use outside of immediate Synchroing or XYZing for specific extra deck monsters (the only other useful one outside this purpose that I can think of is Ojama Knight); Reaper on the Nightmare though has a very desirable effect and is apart of a highly usable type of monsters, being Zombies. So, although you may summon it the first time to Synchro, or make a Rank 5, it can be revived later by Mezuki or Book of Life or even Banished for a Chaos monster.

Since Reaper on the Nightmare, which I will now refer to as RotN since it’s name is getting really annoying to type, is used for Rank 5’s this gives further potential for its effect. Most of the time when you make a Rank 5 you go for Adreus and in the future Volcasaurus, so that you can destroy monsters. That means its usually unnecessary to battle the opponent’s monsters giving you a keen opportunity to attack directly fairly freely with RotN and then proceed to blow up there monsters afterwards. Which, whenever I imagine it, sounds quite debilitating to the opponent since it allows you to assault them extremely aggressively on all fronts with barely any investment on your part.

 photo InstantZaborg_zpsb780bf70.jpg

Next, I’m sure you’re wondering, “what other Level 5’s are even worth running with Zombies or HEROs?” This brings in the 4th part of the articles name: Zaborg the Thunder Monarch. Why use Zaborg over Caius? There’s always been two reasons why and I finally get to use both of them: Zaborg is Light and he’s for no apparent reason, the only level 5 Monarch. Light is good because RotN is Dark and Light + Dark = Chaos, yay. Also, Monarchs have always found some nice synergy with Zombies so it fits easily into the deck. Zombies keep field presence really well with Pyramid Turtle and Spirit Reaper to maintain a fairly consistent tribute fodder. They also have access to some pretty quick revival with Mezuki, Book of Life and Call of the Haunted as well the nice floater aspect of Goblin Zombie so you don’t lose advantage when tribute summoning. So it should come to no difficulty to add 2 or 3 Zaborgs into a zombie deck. If I where to make a wombo combo it would be this: revive Goblin Zombie and Enemy Controller opposing monster with Goblin. Search for stuff then tribute the opponent’s monster for Zaborg, destroy another monster. Play instant Fusion and make a Zenmaioh and either force them to play back-row or have them all be destroyed. Then revive RotN with Mezuki and attack directly with it. A little excessive, but whatever, you get the point I hope. I rarely hit Spells and Traps with Caius’ effect anyways, so Zaborg effectively does the same things most of the time but has a more beneficial attribute and level.

There’s also some pretty odd, but very viable level 5’s nicely hidden within the depths of the deck already. First we have Cyber Dragon, albeit you run only the 1, but it’s either in your hand or swiftly brought to the graveyard where you can play Reborn or Call of the Haunted at the worst. Then of course there’s Tragoedia, the best level 5 monster in the game. Since Cyber Dragon is almost always in the graveyard or easy to put there it’s easy to make Trag level 5, also if you happen to draw Cyber Dragon you can pitch it to take opposing 5’s and then make a Rank 5 that way. (I mentioned doing similarly awful plays very consistently in my Gem Knight deck that ran Tragoedia and Thunder Dragon and a level 5 Gem Knight Fusion which will come out in the next Hidden Arsenal, that to say I’ve tested such simplicities and it works really well)

There’s a couple other ones I thought of, but am not nearly as fond of which are Elemental HERO Steam Healer or Mariner, the two level 5 E-HERO Instant Fusion targets so that you can make Rank 5’s and setup Miracle. There’s also Endless Decay, Vampire Lord and Vampire Dragon who can be summoned by Pyramid Turtle, who aren’t bad but don’t do much else than be a Level 5 monster. There’s also Darkflare Dragon, who doesn’t bring a whole to to the deck other than beatstickery, which isn’t a real word, and his similar friend Ghost Ship. You could also run Thunder Dragon if you really feel like it, and who could forget Great Long Nose? (Brownie points if you know that card)

This all in the realm of running Chaos Sorcerer and Black Luster Soldier and you can create some pretty mean OTKs and power plays.

Hope you enjoyed, I’m likely going to flesh this idea out a lot more in the future so you’ll probably be hearing more about it in the beginning segment of the podcast as well as maybe in some duel videos if things work out. Tune in next week for the continuation of the series where I talk about some fish ideas with some chatter about XYZ Remora as well, per request.

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