Deck Building Tips: Testing Those Scenarios

I’m generally known here, at the Yugioh Card Game Podcast, for coming up with random maybe-not-so-good ideas (haha). When deck building, I often times throw caution to the wind and just build.

When I think of a “Deck Idea”, often times it’s nothing more than a “Situation.” I have a specific action, play or “set-up” that I want to achieve. At this point in the deck-building process, I’m generally not concerned with what the rest of the deck may do. I’m just looking to achieve that “Situation.”

For instance, I’m thinking:

I want to use Leviair the Sea Dragon to bring back an Elemental HERO Stratos.

From there, you work backwards by figuring out the steps it takes to get there. You ask questions like:

How do I banish the Stratos?
What LV3 Monsters fit with the direction I’m going?
What cards make this situation happen easily?

I try to answer these questions with the first things that come to mind. Maybe I want to use Marauding Captain and a nice LV3 Water monster. That might give me more access to Absolute Zero. I do it this way because I’m not trying to make the deck pretty, just functional.

The goal is to test the scenario, and if it fails, choose one of two options: Try Again or Dont Try Again. At the very least, you’ve learned how a group of cards work together. They might be missing one more parts that allows them to suit you and your play-style.

With so many cards in the game, I look at “Scenario Testing” as a way of bringing cards I want to use out of the background and into my current play-style.

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