Deck Profile: Shaddolls

YCS Seattle (in Tacoma) is upon us, so it’s time for a more competitive deck profile: Shaddolls.

I figured it had been a while since I brought an update to my Shaddoll deck that I was running. I resolved a lot of the problems I had in the previous iteration and added a lot of weird tech and anti-meta cards in anticipation of future decks as well as to counter specific already existing decks game 1. Here’s what I’m running:

Monsters (20):

  • 1 Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
  • 3 Shaddoll Beast
  • 2 Artifact Lancea
  • 2 Shaddoll Dragon
  • 3 Shaddoll Squamata
  • 1 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress
  • 1 Felis, Lightsworn Archer
  • 3 Mathematician
  • 2 Shaddoll Hedgehog
  • 1 Shaddoll Falco
  • 1 A/D Changer

Spells (13):

  • 1 Allure of Darkness
  • 2 Shaddoll Fusion
  • 1 Foolish Burial
  • 3 Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 3 El Shaddoll Fusion
  • 2 Enemy Controller
  • 1 Snatch Steal

Traps (7):

  • 2 Sinister Shadow Games
  • 1 Shaddoll Core
  • 2 Mistake
  • 2 Call of the Haunted

Extra Deck (15):


  • 1 El Shaddoll Shekhinaga
  • 3 El Shaddoll Construct
  • 2 El Shaddoll Winda


  • 1 Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree
  • 1 Black Rose Dragon
  • 1 Arcanite Magician
  • 1 HTS Psyhemuth
  • 1 Armades, Keeper of Boundaries


  • 1 Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon
  • 1 Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand
  • 1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger
  • 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer

Side Deck (15):

  • 1 Swordsman of Revealing Light
  • 1 Raigeki
  • 1 Mind Control
  • 2 De-Fusion
  • 3 Typhoon
  • 2 Trap Stun
  • 2 Breakthrough Skill
  • 2 And the Band Played On
  • 1 Mistake

Some things have changed, other things haven’t changed at all since my last deck profile. What hasn’t changed is the Spells and the Shaddoll monsters. I still like the Spell line-up, it’s pretty solid and I don’t think I would change it unless all of the sudden every meta deck used their extra deck, in which case I would switch back to 3 Shaddoll Fusion, as it stands though I don’t like that cards except for against Burning Abyss, and they’re even learning ways to play around that, so it’s not even spectacular in that match-up, at least as much as El Shaddoll Fusion is in most instances. I’m pretty much set on the Shaddoll monster line-up as well; in the future the line-up may change if Fusion spamming becomes less viable, in which case I’ll probably go to 2 Beast 2 Falco instead of 3-1.

The New Additions:

Once again, I’m not running a Denko Sekka OTK build because I don’t like the inconsistency of the build and I prefer a more passive style, which is especially evident in this iteration. I have added 2 specific cards, Artifact Lancea and Mistake, that take a more heavily anti-meta approach to Shaddolls, which I adapted from the OCG builds. Lancea is my replacement for the White and Black Dragon monsters, which I previously mentioned that I didn’t like all that much. It’s mostly run as a counter to Nekroz, but it has minor applications against other meta decks, in most instances though its effect is largely irrelevant, but I just Fusion it away for a Construct, meaning that even if it is bad in the match-up it rarely ever shows, which is nice. Lancea is a hand trap, which you can tribute from the hand or field to activate, meaning you can technically Call of the Haunted it if you’re desperate for its effect but I’ve never done that yet. The turn you activate Lancea’s effect cards cannot be banished. This has countless applications versus Nekroz, can also negate some generic trap like Dimensional Prison and Karma Cut, stops BLS and Dark Armed Dragon, negates Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss, “Cold Waves” Black and White Dragons for a turn, negates Miracle Fusion, allows monster to be sent to the graveyard for a turn while Dark Law is on the field, and a plethora of other random things. It also has pretty decent attack and defense and can be set in your spell and trap card zones as a bluff and special summoned in the standard Artifact way.

The other anti-meta tech is Mistake. Mistake is a continuous trap that doesn’t allow adding cards from the deck to the hand except by drawing. Aside from the conflict with Shaddoll Hedgehog, it basically doesn’t affect Shaddolls, but it does affect just about  every meta deck. Against Qliphorts it stops Scout and Saqlifice, against Burning Abyss is stops Scarm and Good and Evil of the Burning Abyss, against Satellarknights it hits the all important Deneb, against Nekroz it stops a lot of things, and against HEROs it stops both of Shadow Mist’s effects and the many search spells they can run. The reason I started maining this card rather than side it, which I didn’t previously do anyways is because with the release of the most recent pack, the Qliphort match-up became way harder than it was before. Stealth is honestly a completely degenerate card (in my opinion, I just think its so silly that Konami would ban Super-Polymerization just to make this card in the next set, and it’s arguably better than Super-Poly is), then they also have Soul Transition to interrupt plays, and the additional consistency with Qliphort Monolith. Basically, I needed a better chance to win game one, and considering that just about every deck is affected by it now, Mistake seemed to be the way to go, despite my previous dislike of the cards lack of forward momentum.

I also added in Call of the Haunted. Before I even added any of the anti-meta tech, I started testing Call of the Haunted. I really like running Call of the Haunted in this deck and it has a lot of applications and really caters to my more defensive style while also allowing more potential OTK scenarios. In most instances you’ll want to revive a Construct with Call, because Construct will get her effect when special summoned back again, like a glorified Armageddon Knight, and reviving Construct will allow you to recur an additional Shaddoll spell/trap when she dies facilitating the Shaddoll Core fusion looping. If you’re a really cool kid you can also revive BLS, which probably means you made a Rank 8 XYZ with it, which if you notice I do run. You can also revive both Felis and Lyla for their effects, which I do most frequently as a secondary option to reviving Construct. Overall, it’s been a great card.

Extra Deck:

I’ve refined the Extra to be only the things I summon and very specific monsters. I only run the 1 Shekhinaga now because I almost never summon even the one, but when I do I can juggle it with Falco and Call of the Haunted. 3 Construct and 2 Winda is pretty standard, but I’ve thought of running a 3rd Winda, but it’s very rarely relevant. I dropped Yazi because with just 1 Falco I almost never make 7’s unless it’s for their utility and Yazi has almost no utility.

My Rank 8 line-up changed to 1 Galaxy-Eye Prime Photon Dragon and 1 Felgrand. You can summon a Rank 8 in this deck with Constructs and BLS, but in most cases you’re stealing and opponent’s level 8 monster, such as their BLS, and E-HERO Fusion, or a Qliphort Stealth/Shell using Enemy Controller or Snatch Steal. It’s literally as simple as summoning a Construct and using Construct to send Falco, then you Enemy Controller the Falco away to steal their Level 8 monster. Not only do you attack for massive amounts of damage, but you’ll also have a Felgrand to prevent the opponent from coming back. I’ve actually summoned Felgrand quite a bit, it’s kind of a nail-in-the-coffin sort of monster that ends duels. One of my favorite setups is getting Felgrand and Shekhinaga on board with some traps set. Prime-Photon Dragon is specifically for killing Apoqliphort Towers. A guy at my locals made a Tower Turbo build of Qliphorts, and I literally had no outs and it was a real nuisance, so I just added this guy in. He’s an out to just about anything with big attack points, because he’s probably bigger with his effect making him a minimum of 5600 ATK.

Gaia Dragon is for that stinky no good monster Stellarknight Constellar Diamond. I added it just so I can steal it with Snatch Steal or Enemy Controller and get rid of it. I suppose if anyone else makes a random XYZ I can put it on I can steal that and make a Gaia Dragon with it too.

Side Deck:

I’ll just go through each Side Deck card and say what I side it for and why:

  • Swordsman of Revealing Light:
    • Side Against: HEROs, Denko dolls, & Qliphorts
    • I side this card in when Lancea isn’t a particularly good card or when I fear OTKs, or both. Against HEROs it’s a nice out to Dark Law. Against Denko dolls I don’t need Lancea that much and it can pop a Denko when they’re attempting to attack for game. Against Qliphorts Lancea is literally useless so I side this in and it can prevent OTKs at the very least.
  • Raigeki:
    • Side Against: HEROs, Satellarknights, & Nekroz
    • The point of this card is to destroy big anti-Shaddoll cards a.k.a. Dark Law, Diamond and things summoned using Djinn Releaser of Rituals.
  • Mind Control:
    • Side Against: Shaddolls & Qliphorts
    • This card is a blow-out in the mirror, which is kind of frustrating when my opponent uses it. Against Qliphorts it’s just another way to OTK them when going second.
  • De-Fusion:
    • Side Against: Shaddolls & HEROs
    • De-Fusion is better in Shaddolls than any other deck because it not only is good against Shaddolls and HEROs, but it also facilitates OTKs by you defusing your monsters to attack with the material for extra damage. Against the mirror it might as well be a Compulsory Evacuation Device for Fusion monsters. Against HEROs its a great answer to Dark Law.
  • Typhoon:
    • Side Against: Qliphorts
    • Traditionally you side in additional Spell and Trap removal versus Qliphorts. I’ve tested out Fairy Wind and Twister and then finally settled on Typhoon. Fairy Wind is the more ideal card, but when going second you want an out to Vanity’s Emptiness or Skill Drain and it cannot provide that because you have to set it and wait, and now since Qliphorts are even faster you rarely have that kind of time. Typhoon is essentially a better version of Twister since it can help you in the same way as Twister when going second, but it can also prevent the opponent from playing 2 scales when they’re going first, for example if they run Trampolynx you can use Typhoon on it before they make a wombo combo on you.
  • Trap Stun:
    • Side Against: Trap heavy decks and sometimes Burning Abyss
    • Depending on the amount of traps a Burning Abyss player is running I might side in Trap Stun. For example, if they’re running Karma Cut, Phoenix Wing and Vanity’s Emptiness then I’ll probably side Trap Stun. I also side it against a lot of rouge decks that tend to run a lot of traps. For example at my locals I see a lot of Yang Zing, and they run a lot of annoying traps, so I side in Trap Stun.
  • Breakthrough Skill:
    • Side Against: Burning Abyss & Satellarknights
    • It negates Tour Guide and Rank 3 XYZ other than Dante versus Burning Abyss, and if they still side either Vanity’s or Majesty’s Fiend it can negate them too. Against Satellarknights it can negate anything plus Diamond in specific.
  • And the Band Played On:
    • Side Against: Burning Abyss & Satellarknights
    • They can’t play Yu-Gi-Oh! while this card is on the field and I can. Yay!
  • Mistake:
    • Side Against: Satellarknights, Qliphorts, Nekros and HEROs.
    • For reasons I mentioned earlier.

As for what I side out, typically its on of the following cards:

  • Artifact Lancea
  • Allure of Darkness
  • Sinister Shadow Games
  • Mistake
  • Call of the Haunted

QOTW? Question of the Week:

The Secret Forces will supposedly be legal for YCS Seattle. Do you think that Nekroz will make a big showing at the tournament despite just being released? It’s pretty much a given they’ll be a part of the meta once released, but how big of a deal do you think they will be?

Written by: Kyle Oliver

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