Deck Profile Video – Lightsworn Synchro V2

Here we have my Lightsworn Synchro deck. The first video is a description of what’s in it, some card choices, and a little about how it runs . The deck’s goal is to eat through the opponent’s traps and monster effects (both field and hand). It does this by exploiting T.G. Hyper Librarian, free tuners and non-tuner monsters, and the Lightsworn Draw Engine to replenish the hand and graveyard.

It can summon each monster in the extra deck with ease, and can synchro out of most unfavorable situations. As explained in the video, one of this decks weaknesses is Vanity’s Fiend (and by extension, Archlord Krystia). So, you’ll see the one Ryko in here that hopefully won’t be milled should the deck not take control of the duel.

Just a little additional explanation of the Main Combo in video two here. Depending on what is drawn by the Formula Synchron//T.G. Hyper Librarian combo, and what is already in hand when it is made, you can plow through the deck in a turn if all the cards line up right. It’s best when you Draw and combo into a few Solar Recharges.


Any Questions or Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

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