Deck Review: Fortune Lady Combos

So, as you probably have seen, our most recent podcast was on Fortune Lady’s. I figured, similarly to the Karakuri podcast, it would helpful if I ran over some of the important combos in the deck. (even though these are a bit more obvious and less drawn out that KMP) So without further adieu: Fortune Lady Combos.

The most basic engine of Fortune Lady’s is comprised of two groups: the “Summoning Engine” and “Effect Engine” if I where to name them. The Summoning Engine consists of both Fortune Lady Light and Fortune Lady Dark. The purpose of this piece of the engine is to activate the Effect Engine. The Effect Engine consists in its core of only Fortune Lady Fire and Fortune Lady Water. The Effect Engine is monsters who’s effects are trying to be activated. So the deck overall works very simply, use the Summoning Engine to use the Effect Engine.

Fortune Lady Light is easily the most versatile of the summoning portion of the deck and deserves a spot at the core of every centrally Fortune Lady deck for this reason. As such you should be running a whole slew of support that can both activate Fortune Lady Light‘s effect and be versatile in different situations in order to make the most competitive use of the deck. The main cards that you’ll likely be using where covered in the podcast, so I’ll just move right into some of the combos.

“Controlled Obscurity”

First off, there’s a few basic combos within the Future Visions build. The most obvious is: while you control Future Visions on the field you can normal summon Fortune Lady Light and then she’s removed from play and you can activate her effect. This allows you evade the normal summoning obscurity that Future Visions brings to both players. Ideally you’ll probably special summon Fortune Lady Dark with Light’s effect since most of the time at the beginning of the game you can’t really benefit from Water of Fire.

So now you’ve got a Dark on the field. The next turn Fortune Lady Light will return to the field and some more combos can occur; the most ideal being you having a set Compulsory¬†Evacuation¬†Device. When Light returns to the field, you can bounce it back to your hand with Compulsory to activate Light’s effect and Special Summon a monster. If you still have Dark on the field you’l probably want to special Fortune Lady Water and draw 2 cards. And now that you’ve done this you’re in an even better situation since you once again have a Fortune Lady Light in your hand and you haven’t used your normal summon yet. So, you can normal summon Light again under Future Visions and get its effect again. Those three cards just made you get 3 monsters and draw 2 cards and the field spell is still on the field. So in short you went plus 3. Not too shabby.

“An Apprentice’s Lair”

I spoke on this on in the podcast, but it’s one of the most solid engines of the deck making it worth while to say again. In a Skull Lair build of Fortune Lady’s the ideal first turn play is: Set Apprentice Magician, Set Skull Lair. (and maybe one other spell or trap) This is a really good play because it will more than likely set the momentum up for your whole deck. If Apprentice Magician is destroyed by battle you can summon a Fortune Lady Light from you deck. On your turn you can then remove the Apprentice Magician from the graveyard for Skull Lair to destroy Light and activate her effect, summoning a Fortune Lady from the deck.

The combo of course is much better in combination with many other cards. The two best suited monsters to have in hand with this combo are: another Fortune Lady Light, Fortune Lady Wind or Junk Synchron. (it also works with Fire, but it’s not as spectacular) If you have one of those two Fortune Lady’s in hand you can flip the face-down Light you got from Apprentice Magician then normal summon the other one from hand. If it’s Wind you can destroy two of your opponent’s spells or traps and then destroy Light to summon Water and draw 2 cards. If you have another Light in hand you flip Light then summon the second Light. Proceed by destroying the first light to get Water from the deck, draw 2. Then remove the Light in the grave to destroy the second Light and Summon Dark or Fire from the deck. (This also sets up Fortune’s Future since you now a Fortune Lady removed from play)

Now if you have Junk Synchron, things can get really crazy. I’ll just go over my favorite play, keep in mind though that this play only works if you have TWO monsters in the graveyard at the start of the play, rather than just the one Apprentice Magician. First, you once again flip summon the Fortune Lady Light and then destroy it with Skull Lair to special summon Dark from the deck. Next normal Junk Synchron and revive Fortune Lady Light with Junk Synchron‘s effect. Destroy the Light a second time with Skull Lair to bring our Fortune Lady Water and draw 2 cards. Then Synchro for 7 with Water and special summon Arcanite Magician. You can destroy 2 cards with it. This play ends with you going plus 4 if it’s un-disrupted and it end with a Water in the Graveyard and Fortune Lady Dark on the field to revive it and make the play a plus 7!

“Versatile Synchroing”

In the same realm as the last play, Junk Synchron has a lot of versatility with Skull Lair if you have a Fortune Lady Light in the Graveyard. (he can also do all his standard Synchro for 5 plays with either an Apprentice Magician, Fortune Lady Dark or Old Vindictive Magician in the graveyard) When you revive Light after summoning Junk Synchron you can destroy Light with Skull Lair to summon practically any level since there’s a Fortune Lady of every level from 1 to 6. This means with this combo you can synchro for any basic Synchro Monster from level 4 to 8. (not nine since level 9 Synchros require 2 non-tuners) Also, as I brought up before this combo can bring up some note worthy selective Synchro monsters such as Arcanite Magician, Tempest Magician and Dark End Dragon. You also have access to pretty much any “Junk” Synchro Monster with this combo too, like Junk Warrior, Junk Defender, Junk Archer, Junk Berserker and Junk Destroyer.

In this combo it’s also nice to keep in mind that this is any easy way to Special Summon Fortune Lady Fire and Water with their effects. You can revive Light with Junk Synchro, then destroy Light to summon Fire and Destroy one of your opponent’s big monsters and then Synchro for 5 and push for game.

That’s just a few Fortune Lady combos, I hope you liked it. I really hope people consider using Fortune Lady’s in the future it’s a really fun deck that’s highly overlooked.

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