Deck Review: Vehicroids

“Robots in Disguise”

With the recent release of XYZ monsters and their new simple summoning condition I felt inclined to look at some older archetypes that may be affected by this change. One of those archetypes that I stumbled upon was Vehicroids. Although they still might not be the best, a couple of their cards have gotten a huge boost from the release of XYZ monsters and I figured I’d try to inspire some new ideas in people with them. Let’s take a look!

“Faster than a speeding bullet.”

For the most part the change comes to one card in particular that I tipped my hat to last week, and that card is Expressroid. Here’s his effect:

When this card is Summoned, you can add 2 “roid” monsters from your Graveyard to your hand, except “Expressroid”

A very simple effect that nets a very easy plus two. For anyone familiar with Vehicroids they will know that this card always goes in tandem with this next card: Ambulanceroid. And even though I know everyone knows Ambulenceroid’s effect (ya right…) I’m going to refresh your memory:

“When a “roid” monster is added from your Graveyard to your hand you can Special Summon that monster.”

After reading the effects of both these monsters it becomes immediately apparent (or at least it was to me) the combos that you should do with both of them. While you have an Ambulanceroid on the field when you summon Expressroid (normal, flip or special) you can add 2 “roid” monsters from your Graveyard to your hand, and through Ambulanceroid‘s effect you can Special Summon those monsters. You see where I’m going with this?

“The Chaos Twins”

This combo easily allows some XYZ Summons. Swarm a whole slew of Level 4’s (Like Steamroid, Drillroid, Stealthroid and Truckroid) to XYZ Summon some Rank 4 XYZ Monsters. Or, depending on the build, you could even bring out some Rank 3’s with cards like Ambulanceroid, Gyroid and Cycroid.  On top of this nice addition to the deck there’s even some really simple cards that help setup plays and even can increase their power.

“The Machine Assembly Line”

The most obvious way to setup plays in a machine deck has always been Future Fusion. You can dump all the machines you need into the Graveyard in one fell swoop. There’s the obvious monster, Chimeratech Overdragon which can dump any number of machines or you can even use one of the Vehicroid fusions like Super Vehicroid – Stealth Union or Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill. Then, after you’ve dumped all your machines, you can proceed to add them to your hand with cards like Expressroid or Monster Reincarnation.

In most cases I would never tell anyone to run Monster Reincarnation but with Ambulanceroid that’s a different story. Using Ambulanceroid you can Special Summon any monster you add back to your hand with Monster Reincarnation; hopefully you’re adding Expressroid which can be a two card combo that nets you four monsters. Which can turn into a Rank 3 and a Rank 4 XYZ Summon or even a massive push for damage.

The last card is Machine Duplication. Both Ambulanceroid and Expressroid are candidates for its use.  If there was any Spell Card that is great for XYZ Summons it’s Machine Duplication; it immediately brings out three of the same level monster. I can barely even imagine using Machine Dupe on Expressroid and adding SIX MONSTERS back to my hand. That’s pretty crazy.

I really liked ending last weeks article with a big mural of card ideas so I figured I’d do it again.

“One of these might work… or not?”
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