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It’s been quite the bust week, and I haven’t had any time to sit down and write an article. Also, since a majority of my Yugioh time is spent thinking about Regionals, since it’ll be coming up this weekend, I figured I’d just share some of my thoughts very quickly

Regionals for Washingtonians is on the 20th, this Saturday, so I’ve been revving up my HERO deck to hopefully get into the best condition possible. Laughably though I’ve only gotten the uncanny ability to draw the worst possible hands multiple games in a row. I’ve gotten Cyber Dragon + Spells and Traps so many times recently in the past few days it brings up a few issues, since that’s really hard to play out of. It seems similar to a concept I’ve seen before in decks I’ve used, and for Matt as well, after playing a deck for a very long while and making little to no changes. The deck seemingly randomly decides to give up and present the same horrible hands consistently to its user, thus I call it when a deck “gives up”. This occurs even though the deck has performed in a stellar way with the exact same deck list on a consistent basis. I’m not really sure why this happens, but I’ve noticed it happens to a deck you’ve been playing for a long time and I assume it has something to do with sleeves and inadvertent stacking. With your shuffling style and consistent playing of cards in specific orders plus consistently putting similar cards near one another due to how the deck runs it appears that decks slowly develop patterns of card movement that at one point will peak with an ultimately consistent deck that can never get bad hands and then later falling to the inability to get a good hand ever. Hopefully I’ll be able to remedy this with some new sleeves; if not I will likely be trying out Heraldic Ninjas, which’ll be a real trip to run on a regional circuit.

So right now I’ve got these two deck lists, first is the Last HERO deck list:

Then I’ve got my Heraldic Ninja deck:

So, I’ve got my HERO deck which has been ground to probably its finest state. Not much editing can be done to it at this point, not a single card am I un-confident in and not a single card have I thought of adding. It randomly loses to anything maining continuous spells that stall and has bad match-ups against some weird rouge decks. Heraldics is really fun and will catch people really far off guard since most people don’t know what any of the monsters in the deck do. It’s kind of bad vs. Mermails, but it can wreck house against anything that sets a lot of cards. It’s not nearly as fine tuned though. I feel I’ll have more fun with it, but I’ll probably lose more with it as well.

As for the minor edits I’ve made to the HERO deck since last time: Return From a Different Dimension is meant to be, I’ve won every game I’ve flipped it over. MST has continually tested bad, and Lance extremely well. I want Lance in every case except vs. decks that run Macro or similar continuous cards. I took out The Warrior Returning Alive and went to 40 cards because at a tournament I continually dead drew it when I needed to Special Summon, already having a lot of monsters to Normal Summon in hand, which made me unhappy (gasp!). I did at least add back BLS once and got game, so it did its duty. I decided on Karbonala over Darkfire and replaced the ladder with a second Chimeratech for machine decks since I run 2 Calls and Reborn. In testing against Gadgets I always wanted the second one. Lavalval Chain wont be out before Regionals or it would take Papilloperative’s spot.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the side deck too. Obviously for both I’d side in the 3 MSTs because of sided and mained opposing Macro Cosmos/Gozen/Rivarly etc. The Heraldic Beast deck is in a real pickle if they flip Macro on me game one and I don’t have an ample hand. (I have to use Chidori or Snipe Hunter to kill it) For the HERO deck I was going to side Skill Drains since it’s good against Fire Fist, Macro Rabbit, Wind-Ups, Agents, Dragons and just about everything, even Mono Mermail, (maybe I should main a copy, what do you think?) and my deck can play around it quite well. The only monsters that get hurt really bad under it are the Chaos twins, Dark Armed and Tour Guide and I usually side out DAD anyways since I expect graveyard hate and that makes him hard to setup. Skill Drain is kind of funny with Zombyra too. For Mermails I also have Maxx “C” and Mind Crush, which work for a bunch of other decks. I was thinking of 2 Puppet Plants, since I don’t like playing HEROs with HEROs so I just might put one heavy side card for them. That and I get the randy Six Sam player almost every Regionals.

In brew mode I have Volcanics and a really wonky Vayu Turbo deck and the beginnings of a 3 Axis Fire Fist build. If desperate I may fall back on one of those. Curse my indecision!

My thoughts are all kind of jumbled, but tell me if you have any thoughts.

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