Destiny HEROs and Rank 6

Photobucket With some experimentation I’ve been trying to create a deck that could easily summon Photon Strike Bounzer using a deck that nobody had thought of yet  because I found Strike Bounzer to be an extremely powerful and also under-used card in the game, and since all the standard Rank 6 summoning decks are pretty boring and Konami generated (aka Hieratics) I was looking for old archetype specifically. Also, after testing a couple of older decks I’d found that a field of both Stardust Dragon and Strike Bounzer creates a very powerful lockdown so I narrowed my goals towards this. Through all of this I’ve slowly gravitated towards one archetype and that is Destiny HEROs.

Destiny HEROs have been around for a while now and have been known to be the culprit behind debatabley the most heinous deck of all time: TeleDAD. They’ve seen the banlist and have been ever since looked at as that kind of tainted archetype that’s lost all of what made it strong. Using the remnants of its past life and the tricks brought to the deck with new cards as well as the new XYZ mechanic I feel that they can be used as a new powerful deck.

Photobucket So, what I’m trying to create here is a powerful, consistent deck that can easily crank out either a Stardust Dragon or a Photon Strike Bounzer and then on the next turn bring out the other; how can Destiny HEROs do this? The first and most obvious piece to the puzzle is Destiny HERO – Malicious. You can banish a copy of Malicious in the graveyard to summon another from the deck. (Malicious is semi-limited, so if you didn’t already know you can only use this effect once) Malicious is a level 6 Dark Warrior as well. Since he’s a level 6 he makes Ranks 6 summons pretty easy, since once he’s in the graveyard all you’ll need to do is summon a level 6 monster in any way then bring out the Mali. There’s plenty of really easy level 6 monsters to bring out specifically Chaos Sorcerer, Caius the Shadow Monarch, Tragoedia (using his level manipulation effect with the Malicious in grave) and also any Level 6 Synchro, the most ideal being Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier.

Photobucket Brionac is very very easy to bring out in Destiny HEROs, or at least the style that I have created due to a card that has always been good with Destiny HERO – Malicious: Plaguespreader Zombie. There’s a lot of good Level 4 monsters that you’ll want to be running in a Destiny HERO deck (Stratos, Diamond Dude, Armageddon Knight, Summoner Monk and Zephyros to name a few) so reviving Plaguespreader to summon a Level 6 Synchro with them will happen all the time, giving you versatile access to lots of options by just having Plaguespreader. The options are what makes Plaguespreader so strong today. Plaguespreader essentially can be used to pivot around either summoning a Level 8 Synchro with Malicious or a Level 6 Synchro without then leaving the Malicious so you can make a Rank 6. This brings easy access to both Strike Bounzer or Stardust Dragon which is exactly what I was looking for. Here’s an example of a really strong play that I like a lot.  The play starts with just a Plaguespreader in grave and a Elemental HERO Stratos in hand. First you summon the Stratos and add Malicious to your hand. Then, revive Plaguespreader and Synchro for Brionac. Pitch the Malicious for his effect to bounce a card (maybe it’s an XYZ monster or something, yay!). Then, you can either keep your Brionac and play defensively around it or use Malicious’ effect to bring out another Mali and then XYZ for 6, probably Photon Strike Bounzer. If you need some extra removal or maybe you’ve got a Sangan in the graveyard and you want to search your deck you can bring out Inzektor Exa-Beetle and equip the Sangan and pop it and an opponent’s card to get a plus 1. Then, you can overlay Exa-Beetle for a Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger. Instead of doing any of that, if you have a discard outlet (Destiny Draw, Pheonix Wing Wind Blast etc.) you can just bring out a level 8 Synchro with the Malicious and the Plaguespreader.


Of course, both Malicious and Plaguespreader are essentially one time use monsters. In order to fully utilize there strengths we’ll need to be running some cards that recur them. Some of the best cards to do this are  Necroface, Return from a Different Dimension and D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation. Both Plaguespreader and Destiny HERO – Malicious banish themselves with there effects, so some emphasis on that allows some easy recursion of them. When Necroface is summon he returns all Banished cards to the deck, with Malicious this banished that gives you another free activation of his effect, it also allows the re-use of an already banished Plague because it goes back to the deck. Return from the Different Dimension special summons all your banish monsters, so if you’ve already used Plague and Mali you likely have the option of either a level 8 Synchro with the two of them or a rank 6 using Plague to synchro with a Level 4 monster you have. D.D.R. revives one monster you have that’s banished by discarding a card, simultaneously recurring a banished monster and giving you a discard outlet for either Malicious or Plaguespreader. (it also has some sweat synergy  with Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite)

Here’s another really simple play: Get a Malicious into the graveyard somehow, preferably by using Destiny Draw. And the have  D.D.R. in hand. Use Malicious’ effect, and then D.D.R. the Malicious you removed. Now you can make a rank 6. Pretty bland, I know, but in the end it’s still a 2 card rank 6 which is really good. It also gives you a nice discard outlet as well as an opportunity to play Pot of Avarice to put 1 of the Malicious back into the deck for another go, and there’s nothing I love more than abusing Malicious. This play can also be added to with any for of level 6 tribute monster, such as Caius, who’s fairly welcome in this deck. Just tribute the Malicious you brought out for Caius the Shadow Monarch for some quick removal and then just D.D.R. the Malicious to go into the rank 6. Also, essentially every time you summon a Caius if you have the Malicious in the graveyard you can make a really easy rank 6 which is awesome.

Now, I said last week that I would talk about Blackwings as well, but due to lack of time I wasn’t able to write as much as I would’ve liked. First week of a new school quarter and just a long work week so sorry about that! But, what I will say is this: with Vayu Turbo free level 6 monsters are everywhere, not to mention in just general Blackwings. First there’s Vayu to bring out Armed Wing, then there’s Blizzard for just about any level 6 and even Shura when he brings out a level 2 Tuner. Not to mention there’s a whole bunch of random level 6 Blackwing monsters no one actually runs anyways and maybe they deserve some thought. I will definitley get to it next week those so we’ll see I suppose. I will also talk a little more about the Destiny HEROs as well.

Also, just a random normal life tidbit. Does anyone else here watch The Legend of Korra and did anyone else think the end of the season final was awful? Hopefully they step it up next season. Other than that, happy dueling everyone!

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