Dino Rabbit Deck 2014?

You heard me right! I’ve got a new idea to bring a little bit of life back into an old legend.

This will be a pretty short article for this week… I haven’t really had much time to do anything this week and I wasn’t really sure what to write about. If you guys want me to write about anything specific please comment below, I’ll be fairly likely to take you up on any requests. Onto the article…

The idea I had was actually pretty simple. At first I thought for sure it wouldn’t work, but I’ve been testing it out online and it has been working fantastically well. The idea behind this new build of Dino Rabbit is similar to the old, running similar tricks like vanilla dinos and Tour Guide From the Underworld to make Leviair the Sea Dragon and revive Rescue Rabbit. The difference is that I have added in a couple new plays to consistently get out your Rescue Rabbit turn one to begin the deck’s cycling. You want to get the Rescue Rabbit banished as fast as possible so that you can roll out Leviairs each turn and consistently drop Evolzars to halt the opponent.

The idea is super simple! Turn one you just need to open with Soul Charge and Mathematician. Mathematician sends a Level 4 or lower monster from your deck to graveyard when normal summoned. With his effect you send Rescue Rabbit to the graveyard. Then you play Soul Charge and revive Rescue Rabbit and use it to make an Evolzar XYZ, as is typical. The beauty of this though is that Soul Charge is still functional outside of this combo because it can be used to revive two vanilla dinos later in the game to make an Evolzar as well, and few people will scoff at the idea of a one card Evolzar Laggia. Also, Mathematician can easily recoup your losses with his draw effect and is also Level 3 for making Leviair the turn after the main combo if you have another Leviair or even a Tour Bus. Speaking of Tour Bus, Mathematician can also send Tour Bus to the graveyard to re-shuffle vanillas for your Rescue Rabbit plays.

I also run one copy of Gold Sarcophagus because this allows you to do a Leviair into Rescue Rabbit play turn one with Gold Sarcophagus and Tour Guide, which is old hat. It can also get you your Soul Charge.

I’m also running Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos because they’re delicious this current meta.

Here’s the preliminary deck list I’ve been working with. Try it out yourself, it’s pretty fun and it can also easily be transformed into a budget build without losing any essential plays or power:


QOTW? Question of the Week:

As I’m sure you’ve all seen the next ban list, and if you have not we have it posted on the main page at the moment for you to check out, then you would know that Reinforcements of the Army went to 2. What do you think of this change and what are some decks that you think this gives an interesting boost to that are out of the ordinary? (I don’t want to hear Noble Knights or Lightsworn because they are the supremely obvious answer) One interesting card I was thinking about was Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo. Now with 2 ROTA you can get him more than ever, isn’t that wild? Comment below with your thoughts!

Written by: Kyle Oliver



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