Dinomist Regional Matchup Review

On less than 3 hours of sleep, with a deck finalized that morning, I go 4 – 3 – 1 in 8 rounds of swiss. Here’s my matchup review.I build the deck the night before, and it looked much worse than this. A bunch of gimicks surrounded an incomplete collection of Dinomists. Lucky, I have awesome friends and locals buddies, and they helped me build the deck to this point. People were opening packs and lending me cards that I needed, including the Cyber Dragon Infinity (thanks to Seth for that and his luck). I was literally editing my deck-list up until I handed it in!

Some of the gimmicks remain, like Conscription and Gravelstorm (not pictured for some reason), and Generation Shift. But the whole day, I stick to the principals outline in my Dinomist Preview. Here are the results:


Dinomist Regional Deck Matchup Review

Dinomist Regional Deck: missing Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror and Gravelstorm for some reason.



Deck (40)

Monsters (18)
3 Dinomist Brachion
3 Dinomist Ceratops
3 Dinomist Plesios*
3 Dinomist Pteran
3 Dinomist Rex
3 Dinomist Stegosaur

Spells (8)
3 Dinomist Charge
3 Dinomic Powerload
1 Dark Hole
1 Twin Twister

Traps (14)
1 Conscription
1 Dark Bribe
3 Dinomist Rush
2 Generation Shift
1 Gravelstorm
1 Light-Imprisoning Mirror
1 Mirror Force
1 Rivalry of Warlords
1 Seven Tools of the Bandit
1 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
1 Solemn Warning

Extra (11)
1 Cyber Dragon Infinity
2 Cyber Dragon Nova
1 Abyss Dweller
1 Cairongogon, the Anti-Luminescent Knight
1 Diamond Dire Wolf
1 Blackship of Corn
1 Gagaga Cowboy
1 Daigusto Emeral
1 Cyber Twin Dragon
1 Ragna Zero

Extra Deck (?)

A Bunch of JAnK

Extra Deck of Sadness Matchup Review

Extra Deck

Dinomists VS Magician Pendulum Matchup Review

Game1: Under no circumstances was I ready to play them. I thought Magician Pendulum was the heralded PEPE deck. But it was only its budget cousin. I basically did nothing game one (0 to 7400LP). I tried to make him play as many cards as possible, so that I could watch the deck function. I lose.

Game 2: I don’t quite remember what happens. I wind up winning though (7750LP to 0).

Game 3: I get Wavering Eyes’d immediately, probably for 2 of my cards only. It doesn’t get him much, and I think by now, I realize that this deck doesn’t do much when pressured. We go back and forth for a long time, and I’m almost about to lose after his summons Ignister. But I realize that there’s a combo I can do to get Cyber Dragon Infinity. I had a LV5  Dinomist Ceratops and Dinomist Charge on the field. I activated a set Dinomist Rush; searched Dinomist Rex; tributed Ceratops for Rex; charge adds Ceratops to my hand; Special Ceratops with it’s ability; Xyz for Nova then Infinity; slurp Ignister. I win (4800 to 0).

Matchup Review: I wasn’t as overwhelmed by the deck. Mist Armor helped to protect my monsters and force my opp to make sub-optimal plays (i.e. not being able to target/destroy my monsters). It also doesn’t summon enough threatening monsters to scare me into doing anything aggressive ahead of schedule.

Dinomists VS Burning Abyss Matchup Review

Game1: I win because I main deck Shadow Imprisoning Mirror, Rivalry, and Mist Armor protects me from Fire Lake.

Game2: I fall into one of his two backrow, Solemn Warning, when I activate Dinomist Charge. It was a huge mistake and I was playing really conservative, so I didn’t activate my Twin Twister (dumb). He proceeds to overwhelm me with his defenses.

Game3: I don’t really remember what happens in game 3. I think I can’t get enough monsters to mount a defense, and I take Dantes to the face until I lose.

Matchup Review: I certainly knew going in to the day that Twin Twister would be hard for me to play. I’m very averse at discarding anything in my deck because every card is important. So the discard registered as Last Resort in my brain, a huge mistake. I also shouldn’t have lost this game. I didn’t have Terraforming to speed up access to the field spell, a must against Burning Abyss who activate their effects during battle. The FS is needed to get over Dante aswell if Plessi can’t get set up.

Dinomists VS Constellar Counter Fairy Matchup Review

Game1: I am playing…one of those guys. The theatrical ones. So I just kind of don’t care about the match. His deck doesn’t function well enough to stop my Dinomists Mist Armor and I play around Solemn Warning and Solemn Strike until I win.

Game 2: He doesn’t do anything to my life points, and I win.

Matchup Review: There’s no real lesson learned here. Even though this gentleman had more traps than most people, it didn’t effect me as much as I thought it would. Using pendulum monsters without a serious plan really hurt his chances of staying in the game and making a legitimate comeback.

Dinomists VS Hero Artifacts Matchup Review

Game1: I didn’t keep track of this match because It was really fun. I played with a guy who always does really well. So he was making a big show about how little he knew about Dinomists. I Conscription an Instant Fusion into his hand. His ignorance and Rivalry in the main to counter that Instant Fusion was his downfall.

Game2: I lose IMMEDIATELY. He goes first, sets 2. I open Dinomist Charge, add Plesi. He Mind Curshes Plesi. I also had 3 Dinomist Charges in my hand, he FLIPS SECOND MIND CRUSH. He goes, does stuff, I scoop.

Game3: I win after it being kinda back and forth. It ends with him summoning Durandel, and me waiting to use mirror force until he has no material left on it.

Matchup Review: There were times in this game where I thought I was behind. But because I don’t Xyz Dinomists until I absolutely need to, they kept being there for me when I needed them. So I was able to move forward, one step at a time and win.

Dinomists VS Kozmo Matchup Review

Game1: I wear him down mentally. It’s at this point in the day that I realize, if Iopen/get Dinomist Charge quickly, I usually win that game. This is also the game where I conscription and it finally works. I take his Kozmall Wickedwitch and it just sits on my field until he removes it. He also eats my Shadow Imprisoning Mirror. He can’t overcome the Mist Armor in time before I win.

Game2: He lets me go first, I open Charge, and his head immediately goes to rest on his hand (signaling boredom and frustration) and I tell myself that I’ll be working hard to exploit his mood XD. I ramp up really fast. He doesn’t have time to catch up, and after I drop the field spell, 2 Plesi, and 2 scales, I attack over his Dark Destroyer at 1400 ATK and attack his LP for game.

Matchup Review: Ignorantly, I hoped to play a lot more Kozmo. I hoped to get the field spell and shut them out of the game. More people ran all the Pepe variants, so I ended up only playing them this one time. Shadow-Imprisoning in the main, Rivalry, Light-Imprisoning…I was going to eat them up. This game was the height of Plesi’s infamy. Everyone hated her, everyone. I love her, she’s fantastic. And 2!! Aweeee yeah. Everyone’s like..they stack? Ugh, so awesome.

Dinomists VS Actual Pepe Matchup Review

Game1: I didn’t understand the deck because I’d never played it before. I was appalled how by it functioned, how Konami would design a tri-archetype system with so many benefits in addition to the umbrella archtype, Dracoslayers. I felt like my time and interest as a player were being insulted. I foresaw no reason not to immediately switch to that deck because it clearly provided the most versatility out of almost anything I’ve ever seen. I hated it from a design standpoint. In function, I was not particularly impressed by how it was being used against me in that instance. If I had a mirror force face down (on his turn 1), after he exploded, I would have been way better off. But I didn’t and lose.

Game2: He opens Ignister, some Xyz, and Nat Beast. I lose. Fun. I didn’t open any traps either match, well, I open Warning going second – lame.

Matchup Review: I think this guy might have be abusing an effect or two without me noticing. I’m pretty sure he clowned more than once per turn, or something like that. The deck can do so many things free of cost that the sheer number of cards moving around was hard to keep track of and remember.

Dinomists VS Water Matchup Review

Game1: I didn’t want to play this deck. Most of my main deck backrow doesn’t even do anything to it, and I barely draw any of it anyway. I lose.

Game2: I might have survived if I ran a Castel or Silent Honors (like I do online), but I couldn’t get over a no material Abyss Gaios, and I didn’t have any traps again, so I lose.

Matchup Review: I had nothing for Water. They don’t really play spells or traps. They use the same attribute I do, and can play around rivalry really easily (I assume?). The brunt of their assault are big monsters that maintain their hand advantage and options throughout the game. Mine slowly come to the field and stay there. They don’t need to Xyz, but they can. They don’t need to synchro, but they can. They don’t open themselves up as frequently as other decks, and I didn’t have time to play for them. I still haven’t given good thought to what I should do.

Dinomists VS Magician Pendulum Matchup Review

Game1: I was pretty confident once he opened magician that I would be fine. I wind up losing, but only because of my continued trap deficit.

Game2: This game goes into time and I win because I patiently wait out his Xyzing into Cyber Dragon Infinity with my Solemn Warning.

Matchup Review: I knew going into game 2 that if I drew Solemn and Dinomist Charge, that I would win. Kyle pointed out that in most of the games he watched me play, if I played solemn, I won. I also noticed that Dinomist Charge gives me enough breathing room to make offensive and defensive decisions at the proper pacing.

Changes to the Deck

More Mirror Force, dear god

I wanted it all day. You might be saying, but Pendulum Monsters!!! No. Everyone Xyz Summons and gets rid of them. Every time I saw a Pepe or Magician player do it I screamed internally. Everyone’s mindset was: If I don’t get Solemn Strike/Warning’d, I’m good.


Oh Field Spell, how you shut people down, when I got you, but didn’t. Having you would have made my life so much easier, my monsters 300 ATK stronger.

Extra Deck

It’s easy to say that I need a better extra deck because I made the deck that day XD. I would have loved to have Silent Honors and Castel.

Someone suggested Dewlorn and Vulcan to me on our facebook page and I got really excited because it would allow me to overuse Dinomist Charge, something I did a few times with Gravelstorm.

More Rivalry of the Warlords or Mirrors

With more time, I will be able to decide which is the proper amount of each card. Having shadow helped all day. There was a time where Light Mirror would have been nice, but I ended up winning that game anyway, so I didn’t see a big help from it, even though the deck I could have used it against was the Artifact Heros guy.

Something for Water

I was most afraid of playing it, and I did, so I’d like to have something to fend them off. I simply do not know what I could use, so I would love any suggestions anyone can offer!

Wrap-up Mvps

Plesi undoubtedly won the day. Everyone was crying about how much attack they were losing, and the fact that she kept coming back. It made me smile every time.

Second was Dark Bribe. I negated Solemns all day, forcing people to take LP damage, making the whole job easier.

Third is Shadow Mirror. It gave me defense and time to build my offense. It was amazing every time I activated it.

Wrap-up Lvps

Effing Segosaur was aweful. It’s such an annoying card to have to use. I manipulated someone into getting their monster blown up when I summoned it to the field, but that’s never going to happen again.

Twin Twister wasn’t really that needed. The counter traps and consistency of the deck held up their end of the S/T destruction in my deck. I didn’t want to discard things, so this card just isn’t my play-style.



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