Donate $1+: All donors will have our extreme gratitude. We are constantly humbled by your awesomeness and continued support.

Donate $3: Your Choice of “1 Sheep Token”

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Donate $4: Receive the “YCG Token”

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Donate $10+: Receive “All 4 Tokens”

How to Choose a Sheep Token or Make a Request

Within the Paypal page, just below our name and your donation amount, is a clickable link that says:

“Add special instructions to recipient”

Click that, and it will open a text box where you can tell us which Sheep Token you would like. The options are:

Feel free to leave us a note, ask us to sign one or all of them, etc!

Shipping Information

All Tokens are sent sleeved and placed into toploaders, sent through the USPS.
Below is the extra cost associated with shipping Internationally. Please add the additional amount to your initial donation.

+2$ to your donation for a Single Token.
+5$ to your donation for a Set of Tokens.

Donations Help

The Website and the Forum continue to grow. Our articles with awesome Feature Images slowly eat away at our available bits and bytes of storage space. Donations will help us expand our capacity!

An expansion that will also include the Custom Avatar update that will let you upload your Avatar of choice.

You’ll also be encouraging us to continue our many shenanigans, late night discussions, and videos we produce with the hopes that we leave a positive and lasting effect in the Yu-Gi-Oh community.

If you have any questions, you can send an email



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