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The X-Saber Archtype has one competitive deck. X-Saber+ (some X-Saber monsters splashed in other decks) exists, but it is not viable in the tournament setting since X-Sabers are geared to work together and are not very stand alone. X-Sabers are powerful today because they can swarm the field very quickly by using their search cards Darksoul and Emmersblade, their powerful normal summon in Boggart Knight, and their quick special summons in Faultroll and Guardestrike. Additional monsters like Ragigura allow for this deck to recycle, Fulhelmknight and Pashuul provide defensive options and access to Synchro monsters, and Airbellum brings tuning and hand advantage.

The common builds you’ll find or want to run in X-Sabers are their most influential cards in two’s and three’s. Faultroll and Darksoul, take priority and will most commonly be found in three’s, while Emmersblade, Fulhelmknight, Boggart Knight, and Guardestrike can be found run in twos or threes. Cards like Pashuul, Airbellum, and Ragigura are found in quantities of ones and twos

X-Sabers are unique in that they are an openly offensive archetype. Since they are able to search for any monster in their deck easily, most likely Faultroll or Boggart Knight if one is not present in their hand, and set-up is very minimal. They are also unique in that they attempt to treat every situation in a similar manner. Usually a spell or trap “stun” card is played (Giant Trunade, Trap Stun, Cold Wave) and then a Hyunlei and/or Brionac is summoned to clear out what you have set (i.e. any threats to their victory). They may instead opt to summon a Gottoms, and you could see the Faultroll/Ragigura loop that will diminish your hand. All the while, they are using Darksoul as Synchro material so that they can easily add monsters to their hand should they need to recover from your counter attack.

X-Sabers will not be taken down easily, unless your opponent over commits or does not have a recovery strategy in place. Stopping Faultroll or Darksoul is your safest move, but since they are so easy to search out in an X-Saber deck, this really just amounts to a stall for time, because inevitably, you’ll see one or the other again.

Some other notable cards in this deck would be Solemn Warning, Solemn Judgement, and Super-Nimble Mega Hamster for searching out Darksoul and generating advantage and field presence.

Other Useful Monsters
Super-Nimble Mega Hamster

Book of Moon
Enemy Controller
Cold Wave
Giant Trunade
Pot of Duality
Gold Sarcophagus

Torrential Tribute
Mirror Force
Trap Stun
Solemn Warning
Solemn Judgement

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