Episode 033 – Deck Building Tips

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1. Rule Clarification on XYZ Monsters.

2. Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion
– Winter Release
– Cover Card: Steelswarm KAKAstag

     (Spelled – “Caucastag”)

– Support for Gishki, Gusto, Gem-Knights
– Maybe Gem-Knight Pearl
– Not a focus for us, Yet
3. The First wave of Holiday tins released August 30th.

4. Generation Force SE – September 20th
– Spore
– Absolute Zero

5. Legendary Collection 2 – October 4th
– Judgement Dragon is Common
– Thunder King Common
– D-Prison (TBD)
– Elemental Hero Great Tornado is Ultra

6. Structure Deck: Gates of the Darkworld – October 18th
– Closer to Holloween!!

::Deck Building::

Having a Goal
– Every deck needs one
– Consistency as a base
– default goal of every goal-less deck
– Plays for days
– based on a concept

Starting with a Concept

– Archetype

– Theme

– Engine

– Specific Card

Adding Support
– Complimenting the purpose
– Synergy

Responsive Plays
– Plays that effect your opponent

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