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Nordic Beasts:
1. Tanngnjostr/Black Goat
The Engine of the Nordic Beasts. Summons from the hand and pulls all the Beasts from the deck by switching from defense to attack
2. Guldfaxe
He’s just the generic level 4 tuner of legend. Mostly useful since he’s the ONLY Nordic Beast Tuner.
3.Tanngrisnir/White Goat
Summons Tokens for defense or big Synchro plays. Also makes Rank 3 XYZs summons with Black Goat.
4. Garmr
Really not all that spectacular. Brings nothing necessary to Nordic Beasts.

Nordic Alfar: (mostly Spellcasters)
1. Dverg
Gives extra normal summons of Nordic monsters and recurs Nordic Relics. Not to special.
2. Ljosalf
Special summons from the hand… sometimes. Not very good. Has some weird plays but not a card one should keep in mind.
3. Mara
She synchros from the hand, which is awesome, but the limitations drive her into the ground.
4. Svartalf
Pretty ridiculous level 5 Tuner. Recurs Nordic monsters is the ultimate in search-ability.

Nordic Ascendant  (Fairys)
1. Mimir
Weird Treeborn Frog esque effect. This card might do something if you put your mind to it.
2. Valkyrie
Pretty much an instant Odin effect. Is it worth it though?
The Quickdraw of Nordics in a sense. 

The Aesir:
1. Thor, Lord of the Aesir
Requires a Nordic Beast Tuner. The weakest “god” but the easiest to summon.
2. Loki, Lord of the Aesir
Requires a Nordic Alfar Tuner. Very good effect and stats but is usually just as easy to summon as Odin, who is superior.
3. Odin, Father of the Aesir
Requires a Nordic Ascendant Tuner. Incredibly powerful being unaffected by spells and traps but hard to summon.

Tyr of the Nordic Champions… poop.

Nordic Relics: 
1. Draupnir
Equip spell that gives an 800 Atk boost. Pretty simple
2. Gungnir
Remove a Nordic to destroy a card. In the end it’s pretty underwhelming.
3. Laevateinn
Destroys stuff, but’s unegatable. Also underwhelming.
3. Megingjord
Doubles a Nordic’s ATK and DEF until the end phase.

Extra Support
1. Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir
A trap that searches any Nordic monsters. Simple but effective
2. The Nordic Lights
In short… it’s just a bad field spell.

Other Cards that work well…
Reborn Tengu
Chaos Sorcerer
Ryko the Lightsworn Hunter
Super-Nimble Mega Hamster
Chain Dog (XYZs Summoning)

Level Eater
The Tricky
Cyber Dragon
Savlage Warrior
Rank 5 XYZs
Spellcaster Support

Best used when splashed with other Nordic decks.

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