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Our topic is Exodia in it’s OTK goodness.

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The goal of an OTK Exodia deck is to win in one turn by holding all 5 Exodia pieces in your hand. Over the years, accomplishing this has grown easier as better and better draw engines and usable strategies have emerged.

Matt’s Top Two
Of the many Exodia variants I’ve seen, there are only two that I’ve taken any interest in. The first is considered a “base” Exodia deck. It’s been around for a while and has always had a fairly positive win consistency, unlike others that fade away when a new banned list hits. The second is the Dragon Draw (also known as Deep Dragon Draw) variant.

The Dragon Draw worked excellently and I sat there as he won. However, the deck did have 3 Pot of Duality. Which provides more proof that three Pot of Duality can accelerate a deck based on anything, probably even an OTK Saggi the Dark Clown deck.

5 Exodia Pieces
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
White Stone of Legend
Flamvell Guard
Royal Magical Library

Pot of Duality
Toon Table of Contents
Cards of Consonance
Super Rejuvenation
Upstart Goblin
Card Destruction/Dark World Dealings
Dark Factory of Mass Production

Tri-Horned Dragon
Allure of Darkness

Facing them in the first duel
The outcome of facing an Exodia deck in the first round is just as unpredictable as facing any other deck that has inherent win potential. How the deck performs is up to the duelist and their build. If they don’t have a properly constructed defense, and this could be anything depending on what version they are running, then you can easily take advantage of them with force.

Most Exodia decks run out of steam since the cards they use are all minus ones to their hand. Hand Destruction, Magical Mallet, Dark World Dealings, Foolish Burial, etc. If the cards don’t align, they will be sitting on only a few cards in hand with little way to recover.

Side Against Them
Exodia is very easy to side against, the only problem is that side deck room is very tight. Some common cards that will help in facing Exodia are monsters like D.D. Crow, which removes those Exodia pieces if they hit the Graveyard, and Kycoo which removes from the Graveyard up to two of them by inflicting battle damage. Mind Crush and any cards that allow you to discard cards from your opponent’s hand can be very crucial if you’re facing a functional Exodia deck.

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