Episode 045 – Wind-Ups

After their Thanksgiving break, Matt and Kyle discuss the up and coming Wind-Up archetype, some of their best strategies, and the support they will be getting in the Order of Chaos booster. They round things up with a little news and listener comments and questions.

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Wind-Up Rabbit

    • A “when you you need it” Wind-up Factory
      • Works Off-turn so that you can get your “on turn” Factory with other Wind-Ups
      • Works with Rank 3 Xyz
      • Combos with Wind-Up Magician
      • Allows you to save field presence
      • Decent Attack

Wind-Up Juggler

    • A 1 for 1, that can be a +1
      • This takes up your normal summon (good/bad?)
    • Really easy to keep on hand
    • Quill Pen of Gulldos (the Tengu card)
    • Useful for killing FDs and problems

Wind-Up Soldier

    • An incredibly reliable beat-stick
    • The go-to level 5 monster.

Wind-Up Kitten

    • What it does is good
    • But with such low attack and use restriction, tech 1?
      • A balanced card with a powerful one-time use effect
      • Do you summon this with magician?
      • Do you normal summon it?
      • Summon it with Zenmaighty?
      • Depends on the situation at hand and your goal

Wind-Up Magician

    • Good defense for a first turn set
    • Excellent effect for swarm
      • Quick Rank 4 Xyz
    • Possibly the Archetype into Swarm or Beatdown/Stun

Wind-Up Zenmaighty

    • Easy to make
      • 1 Card w/ Wind-Up Rat
      • 1 Card w/ Tour Guide
      • Nonrestrictive Deck and Graveyard Special Summoning
        • This and Wind-up Magician make the Archetype Vers
      • Low 1500 ATK, Effect Focused

Combo: Zenmaighty -> Rat -> LV4 Wind-Up + LV2 Tuner = Trishula
Combo: Zenmaighty -> (Detach/Revive) Rat -> LV3 Wind-Up = Zenmaighty
Support: Foolish Burial
Support: One For One -> Wind-Up Bat

Legendary Wind-Up Key

    • Defensive Book
    • Establishes re-use of all wind-ups
      • can’t change the battle position of monsters that came into play that turn
    • Quick-play


    • No Cost Monster Reborn with limitations
      • You can still activate the effect of the monster to get Wind-Up Factory
      • You can still combine it with another monster for an XYZ Summon

Swinging Spring Scales

    • It will only get better as they add more Xyz Monsters to the game
      • There are a lack of level 4 threats
        • (3/4) They’re Gonna Choose 4
        • (2/3⅔) Situation, they’re going to do the lower, because 3 is terrifying
        • (4/5) they’re going to choose 4, because 5 is terrifying.
      • Its easy for Wind-Ups to hit a range of levels, allowing you to hide your intentions as much as possible.
      • This type of level modulation also helps with plant synchro
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