Episode 085 – Abyss Rising

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Episode 085 – Abyss Rising

A pack look-through of the new set Abyss Rising.

Release Date: Nov. 9th
Pre-Release: Nov. 3rd
Promo: Ignoble Knight of Black Laundsallyn


  • Lots of WATER support, specifically Sea Serpent
  • Almost no general support
  • Many influential cards to the metagame
  • Archetypes:
    • Heroic
    • Mermail
    • Heraldic Beasts
    • Madolche
    • Prophecy/Spellbook

Chase Cards: (in our opinion, or most notably Kyle’s since I’m writing this description)

  • Moulin Glacia the Elemental Lord (Secret Rare) – we all know this card’s good…
  • Mermail Abyssmegalo (Secret Rare) – Mermail semi boss monster.
  • Mermail Abysslinde (Ultra/Ultimate Rare) – Battle Searcher to the stars!!!
  • Abyss-Sphere (Ultra/Ultimate Rare) – Mermail staple Continuous Trap.
  • Bahamut Shark (Secret Rare) – Crazy WATER Rank 4 that makes OTKs happen.
  • The Grand Spellbook Tower (Secret Rare) – Pretty nutty fieldspell for Prophecy
  • Gagaga Cowboy (Super Rare) – new Rank 4 Staple
  • Madolche Queen Tiaramisu (Ultra/Ultimate Rare) – Madolche Boss monster

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