Episode 092 – Zombies II

The ghoulish subject of the undead gives rise to another discussion on Zombies. This main dish is served with news, and a side of listener comments and questions.

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Episode 092 – Zombies II

Usable Zombie Monsters

2 Zombie Tuners
Pain Painter

3 Zombie Synchros
Archfiend Zombie Skull
Doomkaiser Dragon
+Doomkaiser Dragon Assault Mode
Revived King Ha Des

1 Zombie Fusion
Reaper on the Nightmare

11 LEVEL 4 Zombies
Blue Blooded Oni
Bone Crusher
Double Coston
Goblin Zombie
Gogogo Ghost + Gogogo Giant/Golem
Paladin of White Dragon+
Pyramid Turtle
Red Headed Oni+
Zombie Master

5 LEVEL 3 Zombies
Beast of the Pharaoh
Des Lacooda
Lady in Wight
Soul Absorbing Bone Tower
Spirit Reaper

3 LEVEL 1 Zombies
King of Skull Servants
Skull Servant

1 LEVEL 5 Zombies
Koa’ki Meiru Ghoulungulate
Vampire Dragon

2 LEVEL 6 Zombies
Ill Blud
Malevolent Mech – Goku En
Ryu Kokki

2 LEVEL 8 Zombies
Berserk Dragon

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