Episode 093 – Crystal Beasts

We take a look at Crystal Beasts and how they might be polished into a workable, competitive build.

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Episode 093 – Crystal Beasts

Matt’s Crystal Beast Research


Amber Mammoth
     Attack Control
Amythest Cat
     Attacks Directly
Sapphire Pegasus
Topaz Tiger


Cobalt Eagle
     frees up S/T Space
     combos with field spell
     allows Reuse of Pegasus
Emerald Tortoise
     c-b’s do not need this support
     for other strategies
Ruby Carbuncle
     obvious “deus ex machina” card
     goes into a combo of 2R4, 3R4 and 2R3 or 3R3
     too much preparation
     dreaded “When…, you can…” effect


Advance Dark
     allows DAD Control
     made for Rainbow Dark Dragon
     rainbow dragon fodder
     combos with crystal blessing
     allows the deck to set up for Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins
     different direction than standard CB
     Call of the Haunted fuel

Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins
     investing c-b monsters for this archaic card?
     while ½ damage is somewhat appealing, the real draw is the draw
          but at the cost of your back row
     combos with ruby carbuncle

Crystal Abundance
     very unstable
     usable just when the field spell gets good, counter-productive
     ideally you summon 3 SP
     Xyz, get Gorzed, cry.
     deck needs to draw into backrow to pull this off
     top tier decks prevent this set-up by design
     reduced to playing into this combo on your turn, using cards

Crystal Beacon
     combos with Peggy to thin the deck
     combos with Carbuncle to Xyz

Crystal Blessing
     good set up for field Rainbow Ruins
     set up Rare Value
     Crystal Promise

Crystal Promise
     ruby Carbuncle
          not fantastic to use on anything else because it drives stagnation

Crystal Release
     good for beaters, especially AM
     thins the deck
     can be set as a bluff

Crystal Tree
     you don’t need to take the time for this
     but it will take 2-3 of your opponent’s turns to see a refund

Rare Value
     God Send, frees up space
     creates intuitive Call plays (SP, RC)

Crystal Counter
     initiates end of game scenarios
     relies on the field spell
     destroys c-b monsters AND spells and traps

Crystal Pair
     whoever made this card had a set, that’s for sure

Crystal Raigeki
     everybody loves crystal raigeki
     easy control
     it’s a 1 for 1 with Peggy

Last Resort
     protects from TK
     looks scary



Rainbow Dragon
     an Advance Dark build can sustain this
     a standard build might have more stable options to choose from
     can attack the turn it is summoned, unlike McyberEnd
     Second effect is fairly cool
          disappointing that it banishes all CB monsters

Rainbow Dark Dragon
     is the dark creator is better?
     this card Ruins your future
     if this doesn’t fly, you just ended your own life

Rainbow Gravity
     means you’re running those other c-b’s
     battle phase rainbow dragon push

Rainbow Path


Horn of the Phantom Beast
Super-nimble Megahamster
Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
Chain Dog
+ Manticore of Darkness
Safe Zone
to protect Amber Mammoth

Ruby Carbuncle
Call of the Haunted

Continuous Spell
Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings
Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder
Gravi-Crush Dragon
Magna Slash Dragon
Mage Power
Mist Valley Falcon

Viable Tuners
Genex Ally Birdman
Archanite Magician with Summoner Monk
Bounce Sap Peg for 1900ATK and reuse of Peggy
Zeman the Ape King
Black Rose
Scrap Archfiend
Ancient Fairy Dragon+
Scrap Beast
Combos With Monk
Scrap Dragon becomes a floater

Generic Support
Summoner Monk + Scrap Beast
Diamond Dire Wolf
Diamond Dude
Hanzo + Transform + ST
Super Rush Recklessly

Deck Questions:
Run 3 Sap Peg?
Does Sapphire Pegasus actually do anything?
Run 3 Topaz Tiger?
If I need to beat over monsters, it’s not a bad draw
Run 2 Ruby Carbuncle
Run for swarming, 3 clearly cloggy
Maybe even run 1
After Testing, maybe 1 is sufficient
Why Run bad CBs?
For the sake of a Rainbow Dragon, is that worth it?
Why Run Summoner monk to SS 1 Target, Sap Peg
Is Ten the standard number of CBs?
It appears so.

Rai-Oh – Decklist
3 TK Rai Oh
2 Monk
2 Birdman
3 Peggy
3 Topaz Tiger
1 Carbuncle
2 Malefic Cyber End

3 Ancient Ruins
2 Terraforming
2 Pot of Duality
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 Avarice
1 Crystal Beacon

2 Call of the Haunted
2 Torrential
2 Mirror Force
2 Compulse
1 Bottomless

Ninja-Zone – Decklist
3 Hanzo
3 Upstart
3 Peggy
2 Topaz
1 Carbuncle
2 Summoner Monk
2 Tour Guide
1 Sangan
1 Dad
1 Sorc
1 Dark Creator

2 Advance Dark
1 Terraforming
2 Rare Value
1 Heavy Storm
2 Duality
1 Avarice
1 Rota

3 Transformation
2 Call of the Haunted
2 F. Chain

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