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Regionals Again…

Kyle here, another report but for the Seattle Regionals this time.


9/21/13 Seattle Regional Report

Howdy, it’s me Kyle! Just got back from the Washington Regionals. Went 6-3 which is meh, but I’ll do a tournament report anyways, talk about some other stuff within the…


Blackwing Deck Profile

Last week I showed you some of the new things added to the Blackwing’s arsenal. This week I’ll give those ideas a little more form with the deck I’ve been…


Blackwings: New Tools

Blackwings have been biding their time in the darkness gaining lots of support where a lot of people weren’t looking. Because of my recent stint with Blackwings for an all…

Blackwings and Rank 6

First off, congrats to Tyler Tabman for getting first at the North American Nationals (or WCQ) with Wind-Ups. He’s been winning a lot lately so also¬†congratulations¬†on essentially proving yourself to…