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Don’t Destroy Stuff.

If we take a peek into the future, a meta resilient to destruction is just around the corner. How should we deal with this?


Prisma HEROs

With it being the beginning of the new format, I’m mostly just churning lots of ideas around and have no real concrete ideas about strategy and “anti-meta” deck building philosophy…


Destiny HERO Atlanteans

In the same fashion as last week I’ve got a random deck idea that may or may not work, but I’ll lay down some theori-oh for it.

Flaming HERO

Flaming HEROs

HEROs and FIRE support is the name of the game this week. Continuing with my HERO ideas I seem to have no end to.


A HERO in a Bottle.

‘Sup everybody? Back again with some more HERO¬†propaganda using Neos and a new card Message in a Bottle.


The Last HERO From Another Planet

Been a busy week, so I’m just going to fall-back on an update on my current HERO deck.


Chaos Zombie HERO Monarchs?

I continue my little theme along to this week with some more ideas, not relating to the last ones. They are less refined this time, but I feel they are…

Chaos HEROs

Deck Profile: Chaos HEROs

(Sorry for not getting this up on Monday! I had school in the morning and went directly to work from there, I completely forgot to put up my article)¬†I didn’t…

Different Decks in the New Format

The new format has pretty much been defined, at least until Cosmo Blazer. (although I think it’ll barely make any impact) We’ve got Wind-Ups, Genex Atlantean Mermails (GAM), Agents, and…