Prisma HEROs

With it being the beginning of the new format, I’m mostly just churning lots of ideas around and have no real concrete ideas about strategy and “anti-meta” deck building philosophy because nothing in the format is really defined. So as you may have noticed all my articles are just really a display of random ideas I’ve been having and this week is no different. Another one of the ideas in the churnification process is decks using Elemental HERO Prisma.


Chaos Zombie HERO Monarchs?

 photo ReaperontheNightmare_zps0540e342.jpg I continue my little theme along to this week with some more ideas, not relating to the last ones. They are less refined this time, but I feel they are more potent. There’s so many ideas that they wont even fit into a single deck, so it’ll have to be sorted out to be of any use. This week is about what I don’t know what to call other than Chaos Zombie HERO Monarchs.

Chaos HEROs

Deck Profile: Chaos HEROs

Photobucket(Sorry for not getting this up on Monday! I had school in the morning and went directly to work from there, I completely forgot to put up my article) I didn’t have anything in particular to post so I figured I’d do another deck profile. This is pretty much the deck I’ve been working on the majority of my time: Chaos HEROs. It’s loosely based on an OCG build using Chaos in HEROs with a lot of variation I’ve brought to make the deck as full of options as possible at all times. It exchanges the defensive nature of HERO beat for consistent OTK and control plays.

Different Decks in the New Format

The new format has pretty much been defined, at least until Cosmo Blazer. (although I think it’ll barely make any impact) We’ve got Wind-Ups, Genex Atlantean Mermails (GAM), Agents, and Macro Rabbit running the show. To a lesser extent we’ve got some decks you’ll likely be seeing like Gadgets, Inzektors, Dark Worlds, Prophecy, Six Samurai and Chaos Dragons. Just for fun though I thought we could look into some possibilities of other decks that could be strong in the current meta and why.