Teach Me How to Chidori

 photo LightningChidori_zpsceed7932.png ‘Sup everybody, today I’ve got an article about a card recently released in Cosmo Blazer: Lightning Chidori. I’m sure most people looked at this card and thought something along the lines of “wow, this effect is really good, but how am I supposed to summon this?”. Hopefully, in this article I can answer that question by giving you some ideas for effective way to summon the great and powerful Lightning Chidori.

Different Decks in the New Format

The new format has pretty much been defined, at least until Cosmo Blazer. (although I think it’ll barely make any impact) We’ve got Wind-Ups, Genex Atlantean Mermails (GAM), Agents, and Macro Rabbit running the show. To a lesser extent we’ve got some decks you’ll likely be seeing like Gadgets, Inzektors, Dark Worlds, Prophecy, Six Samurai and Chaos Dragons. Just for fun though I thought we could look into some possibilities of other decks that could be strong in the current meta and why.


A Look Into the Future

Photobucket‘Sup everybody? Thanks for reading these articles if you are reading them right now, because you’re awesome! Today I’m going to be doing something a little out of the norm, and what I mean by that is we’ll be taking a trip to the future today to look at a couple new cards that are going to come out in the next set: Cosmo Blazer. The main focus of my article will be on Gladiator Beasts. Anybody who doesn’t really enjoy spoilers, please discontinue reading and wait again until next week.

Justen’s Portland Regional Report (UPDATED)

So to start things off…

The only really noteworthy thing that happened on Thursday is I found out that the event would cap off at around 140 people due to the size of the shop in question after reading a post by Mike from Team Overload’s blog. Thanks to him I dodged a bullet and was able to do more research and tell everyone coming with me to the event to preregister to guarantee ourselves a spot. I owe you one dude! It turns out the event was populated by lots of familiar faces from Washington.


Gladiator Beasts and XYZ

This idea may not be new but I don’t think all that many people know about it. Basically, you’d think Gladiator Beasts have been getting old and rusty when in actuality they been gaining lots of support here and there through XYZ monsters. With Gladiator Beasts being severely underplayed and on top of that most people not even knowing how to play well with them it makes sense that most of the ideas that have been engineered wouldn’t be known. Today I will be briefly talking about 1 of these new ideas and it’s XYZ summoning some neat Rank 3’s using Gladiator Beasts.