Prisma HEROs

With it being the beginning of the new format, I’m mostly just churning lots of ideas around and have no real concrete ideas about strategy and “anti-meta” deck building philosophy because nothing in the format is really defined. So as you may have noticed all my articles are just really a display of random ideas I’ve been having and this week is no different. Another one of the ideas in the churnification process is decks using Elemental HERO Prisma.


Chaos Zombie HERO Monarchs?

 photo ReaperontheNightmare_zps0540e342.jpg I continue my little theme along to this week with some more ideas, not relating to the last ones. They are less refined this time, but I feel they are more potent. There’s so many ideas that they wont even fit into a single deck, so it’ll have to be sorted out to be of any use. This week is about what I don’t know what to call other than Chaos Zombie HERO Monarchs.

Mind Crush

Beating the Meta: Mind Crush

 photo MindCrush_zpsb6f6907d.png Hello again everybody, whomever you may be! Today I’ve got another card review for a card I feel is a powerhouse of sorts for the side deck in the current format: Mind Crush. I’ve been thinking about this card a lot lately and its applications and I’ve decided that I like it a lot. You’ll see why.