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Blue Eyes Splash

Blue Eyes Support – Deck Testing

This new stuff is fun. I was very inclined to put together a Blue Eyes deck after having so much fun with the Dark Magician support that released a while…


Thoughts on New Kaiju Support

Just some of my thoughts on the 3 new Kaiju cards coming out in Breakers of Shadows.


Deck Profile: Pendulum Magicians Update

An update to my Pendulum Magician build since my Regional learnings.


Dinomist Deck for 2016

Testing Dinomists I can’t believe how easy the Dinomist archetype is to use. Without any real thought, I shoved the entire Dinomist line-up into a build, including their spell and…


Deck Profile: Kaiju

As we would say at my locals: “this deck is cancer.”.


Deck Profile: Nekroz (post 11/9/15 Ban List)

Now that the deck is super cheap I’ve been playing around with it a lot for fun.


Deck Profile: Fluffals

Just in time for the holidays! Stuffed animals in your stocking.


Yugioh Splurge 4: New Kaiju Support

We received 3 new Kaiju support cards in Dimension of Chaos. Here’s some of my ideas.