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Deck Profile: Shaddoll Artifacts

After a lot of testing and the knowledge gained from the YCS, here’s my updated Shaddoll deck featuring Artifacts.


Deck Profile: Shaddolls

YCS Seattle (in Tacoma) is upon us, so it’s time for a more competitive deck profile: Shaddolls.


Masked HERO Deck Profile

Correlating with our new Masked HERO podcast I bring you a Masked HERO deck profile.


Deck Profile: Ultra Athletes

Taking into account the new support, here’s an Ultra Athlete deck utilizing the new cards from Secrets of Eternity.


Future Look: Infernoids

A discussion about a future archtype from Secrets of Eternity: Infernoids.


Deck Profile: Shaddolls

A deck profile of the deck I’m currently running.


Deck Profile: Ultra Athletes (U.A.)

You know that TCG exclusive archetype that isn’t Burning Abyss? Me either.


Deck Profile: Spellbook Shaddolls

Shaddolls are all Spellcasters, Spellbooks work with Spellcasters, let’s combine them into a fun deck!.


Sylvan Deck Profile, October 2014

I’m putting Lightsworn Rulers on the backburner for a bit, now Sylvans take the spotlight.


Deck Profile – Destiny End Dragoon Turbo

I recently built a Destiny End Dragoon Turbo deck for our Destiny Hero podcast, check out the deck-list and explanation below!