Deck Profile: Volcanic XYZ

‘Cause I said I would, here’s a profile of my Volcanic deck. The deck is also still in the testing phases so it’s not totally complete, keep that I mind. The deck is based around some quick rank 4 XYZ as well as the basic Volcanic business. If you don’t know about the basic Volcanic monsters and the effects I point your towards this link: [HERE] That’s a link to my old article about the basic Volcanic engine, so check it out.

Deck Review: Volcanics

One thing I always find funny in Yugioh is when cards go out of style that are good. The top tier in Yugioh is not only what’s good, but also what is still cool. (and thus overplayed most of the time, pushing the odds in its favor of winning large scale events) And then on the opposite end of the coin “uncool” decks get underplayed. (and thus are less likely to win large events because so few if any are used at events) Decks like Six Samurai, that are honestly just amazing decks get no play and people rarely try to re-engineer them to work in newer metas because they are no longer cool. Another good archetype or engine I should say, is Volcanics. Volcanics are an archetype that are supremely underplayed. They’re all ugly and they don’t do anything flashy. Recently I’ve been experimenting a lot with them and have found a lot of success using them as a small engine. Volcanics boast consistency as well as strong monster destruction that I think is very viable for use in a competitive deck.  So today, in this article, my goal is to inform you, the reader, of possibly a archetype you’ve never considered and I hope that you would, and that is Volcanics.