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Dinomist Deskbot

Dinomists and Deskbot 001?

I’m considering what to do about regionals. I’ve been playing Dinomists for a few weeks now and really like the straightforward nature of the deck. It’s power comes from two…


Sinister Yorishiro – Review

Sinister Yorishiro isĀ self-contained engine that eliminates Tribute Summoning for Fiend-Type monsters.


Card Review: Juragedo

Recently there was a pack that came out that nobody should care about other than this card: Juragedo.


Masked Hero Koga – Card Review

Dabbling in the stoic history of Light Warriors, Masked Hero Koga arrives in the Hero’s Strike Structure Deck.


Sylvan Bling

With the release of Premium Gold: Return of the Bling, Sylvans obtained some new cards.


Let’s Beat Nekroz

In this article I go over some of the cards I’ve had experience with for playing against Nekroz.


Card Review: Mischief of the Gnomes

A pretty awesome card that went straight under even my radar from Secrets of Eternity: Mischief of the Gnomes.


Thoughts on New U.A. Support

Kyle’s thoughts on the new U.A. support being released in Secrets of Eternity.