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Card Review: Book of Moon

I said I would talk about Book of Moon in my last article, so I will!


Card Review: Onslaught of the Fire Kings

So, I don’t like giving anybody boring ideas we’ve all heard before, and today’s no different. We all know the obvious stuff this card is for, but let me turn…


Card Review: Zombie World

Zombie support? Maybe. But an amazing side deck choice this format? For sure.


XYZ Remora and Fish Food

Continuing the series I’ve got some more ideas this week involving XYZ Remora and some other fishy stuff.


Teach Me How to Chidori

‘Sup everybody, today I’ve got an¬†article¬†about a card recently released in Cosmo Blazer: Lightning Chidori. I’m sure most people looked at this card and thought something along the lines of…

Mind Crush

Beating the Meta: Mind Crush

Hello again everybody, whomever you may be! Today I’ve got another card review for a card I feel is a powerhouse of sorts for the side deck in the current…


Card Review: Breakthrough Skill

Note this before reading, this is my opinion and that is all it is, so you don’t have to agree. Moving along though, I felt like this card had to…


Card Review: Forbidden Dress

Straight to the point, Forbidden Dress is a strong card with many facets that make it viable in the current meta and a better choice than other similar cards, and…


Is Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings even useful?

  Generic (any two monsters) Rank 8s have a very small card pool. There’s Gimmick Puppet, and then there’s Heliopolis, a 3000/2400 monster that detaches a material to then tribute…


Know the Purpose of Cards.

A thing I’ve been noticing lately is that sometimes people are using there cards wrong. There’s one major reasons why: they have an improper understanding of that cards purpose in…