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Card Review: Obedience Schooled

I promised an article about Behemoth the King of All Animals, but the more I contemplated what to put in my article it made more sense to make it about…


Lightsworn Ruler Update 11/4/13

Shadow Specters just had the Sneak Peak this weekend, meaning I’ve gotten my hands on some of the new cards a little early. A couple new ideas for Lightsworns have…


Ninja Dragon Successors

So, I had some ideas that congealed into one full idea of a Dragon Ruler deck that uses Ninjas. It’s boring from the surface, but pretty silly and awesome in…


Blade Beasts

Here’s another fun, potentially competitive, rouge deck idea for you guys, this time starring the new card Number 74: Master of Blades and Heraldic Beasts.


Card Review: Crane Crane

If you didn’t know about this card already, it’s time to brush up on it.