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Dinomist Deck for 2016

Testing Dinomists I can’t believe how easy the Dinomist archetype is to use. Without any real thought, I shoved the entire Dinomist line-up into a build, including their spell and…


Destiny HERO Atlanteans

In the same fashion as last week I’ve got a random deck idea that may or may not work, but I’ll lay down some theori-oh for it.


Ideas and Things

Nothing too formal this week, a smattering of ideas followed by a short Lightsworn Ruler update.


Quick Deck Update

I did say I’d have no article on Monday, but I planned ahead a little and made a deck update.


Deck Profile: Lightsworn Ruler

Hey, so I was experimenting with Lightsworns, seeing what I could do. Then all the sudden I had this deck that was freakin’ nuts.


Rouge Dragon Ruler Deck’s to Look Out For

There’s lots of commotion surrounding the Dragon Ruler deck released with Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, but there’s more decks than just the pure build that have gotten good. Here’s…

Card Review: Abyss Dweller

Some pre-YCS Seattle insight about a card that I think will be making a huge difference in the new meta: Abyss Dweller. It just came out as a TCG Exclusive…

Card Review: Cloudian – Poison Cloud

This card is pretty random, but at the same time really awesome. Who doesn’t want to run a Cloudian monster legitimately? I’ve spoken briefly on him before but he’s got…