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Harpie Lady Splash

Harpie Lady Testing

It’s hard out there for us birds of prey. I spent a week testing the Harpie Lady archetype. The game has changed so much since I played with them back…


Let’s Make MPB: Extra Deck

Back again, more Mecha Phantom Beasts again, but this time we talk about the Extra Deck.


Let’s Make MPB: Basics

My recent Yu-Gi-Oh! fascination has been Mecha Phantom Beasts. Explore the archetype with me and some of my thoughts. For this article I talk about the original set of Mecha…


Ninja Dragon Successors

So, I had some ideas that congealed into one full idea of a Dragon Ruler deck that uses Ninjas. It’s boring from the surface, but pretty silly and awesome in…


Blade Beasts

Here’s another fun, potentially competitive, rouge deck idea for you guys, this time starring the new card Number 74: Master of Blades and Heraldic Beasts.


Ideas and Things

Nothing too formal this week, a smattering of ideas followed by a short Lightsworn Ruler update.


Rouge Dragon Ruler Deck’s to Look Out For

There’s lots of commotion surrounding the Dragon Ruler deck released with Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, but there’s more decks than just the pure build that have gotten good. Here’s…


Heraldic Beasts GO!!

This week I’ll get back into the swing with some more deck ideas. Today’s idea is Heraldic Beasts and all that they entail.


Teach Me How to Chidori

‘Sup everybody, today I’ve got an¬†article¬†about a card recently released in Cosmo Blazer: Lightning Chidori. I’m sure most people looked at this card and thought something along the lines of…