Rouge Dragon Ruler Deck’s to Look Out For

There’s lots of commotion surrounding the Dragon Ruler deck released with Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, but there’s more decks than just the pure build that have gotten good. Here’s just a little look into some decks that I thought where good that implemented them as new tech.


Teach Me How to Chidori

 photo LightningChidori_zpsceed7932.png ‘Sup everybody, today I’ve got an¬†article¬†about a card recently released in Cosmo Blazer: Lightning Chidori. I’m sure most people looked at this card and thought something along the lines of “wow, this effect is really good, but how am I supposed to summon this?”. Hopefully, in this article I can answer that question by giving you some ideas for effective way to summon the great and powerful Lightning Chidori.