A Look Into the Future

Photobucket‘Sup everybody? Thanks for reading these articles if you are reading them right now, because you’re awesome! Today I’m going to be doing something a little out of the norm, and what I mean by that is we’ll be taking a trip to the future today to look at a couple new cards that are going to come out in the next set: Cosmo Blazer. The main focus of my article will be on Gladiator Beasts. Anybody who doesn’t really enjoy spoilers, please discontinue reading and wait again until next week.

Inspecting Chronomalys

When I looked at the new Return of the Duelist pack, I was kind of looking for something that no one else noticed because I always think it’s funner to use the “bad” deck that no one cares about and do lots of cool things with it. Chronomalys are first off, really ugly, and secondly not so straight forward on their goals; so I figured everyone would pretty much steer clear of them and for the most part I was right. The stage was set for me to take a closer look.

“Alive HERO”

Today is a far more direct article tan normal, I’ll just be responding to LegendaryChevralier’s comment on the recent Dragon Podcast:

Also can you give me some more infomation on that “alive hero” deck you were talking about? It seems really interesting and surprisingly similar to what I’ve been contemplating.

I’ll just be giving a little insight into the deck from my perspective as well as a pretty standard (as far as I know) decklist for the deck in Japan at the time being.