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Harpie Lady Splash

Harpie Lady Testing

It’s hard out there for us birds of prey. I spent a week testing the Harpie Lady archetype. The game has changed so much since I played with them back…

Random Deck Testing

Random Deck Testing

There are too many cards and combinations, and not enough time to test them all. However, I explored some deck concepts that may inspire you.


Dinomist Deck for 2016

Testing Dinomists I can’t believe how easy the Dinomist archetype is to use. Without any real thought, I shoved the entire Dinomist line-up into a build, including their spell and…


Dark Magician – Deck Profile

This is the Dark Magician deck that resulted from a few weeks of testing for our Dark Magician podcast. I was very happy with how it turned out, given my…


Regional Report

As is my custom, here’s a report from my most recent Regional event, however good or bad it may be.


Sylvan Deck Profile, Post Primal Origin

Here’s the Sylvan deck I ended with for my testing for the Sylvan podcast.


Deck Profile – Rank 5 Vampires

I wanted to share the Vampire build that I created while testing for our Vampire episode.